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Overcoming past bullying


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I was bullied a lot when I was younger, and now that I am in university I have noticed that its consequences on my self-worth and perception of the world continue despite now having a supportive friendship group. I know this is not what you usually deal with, however does anyone have any advice or ideas on overcoming this?

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Hello there @Mayako


Welcome to the community and thanks so much for opening up to us here.


We know that bullying can really take a toll on our mental health and our self esteem. It was never ever your fault and you did not deserve it. This is definitely what we deal with here at Ditch and we're happy to support you through it.


You say you have a supportive friendship group, thats amazing, have you thought about opening up to any of them about what has occurred in your past? Also, you say your at university, most universities will have a free counselling service, I would recommend messaging your student welfare department and asking them if they have any availability. Talking therapies can be transformative when dealing with past trauma. This is usually a free service.


Have a read over this article we've written about bullying, and a look over the bullying hub on the website.




We're here for you and happy to support you along the way.




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