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How can I stop being worried all of the time in a relationship


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One of my friends asked me out a week ago and i said yes, i’ve been happy in this relationship but i am just worried that if i don’t text or talk to her a lot she is going to fall out of love. I tend to worry about every little thing now and it’s hard to deal with, i can’t help but worry if i’m doing something wrong. It’s just i don’t want the relationship to end like that.

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Hey Budderyboi,


Congratulations on your new relationship. I'm glad to hear that you're happy. It sounds like you're having some anxiety with your relationship which is perfectly normal. I wonder, do you do anything at the moment to manage these anxious feelings? There are some tips in this guide that can help:




As you identified, you seem to be worrying about the little things which is totally normal. But I wonder, could it be helpful to talk to your new partner about this? They may also be feeling the same way. It could be helpful to have a conversation about how much you want to be texting/talking on a daily basis. This can set healthy boundaries which are good for any relationship.


Hope this helps :)


- Monsoon


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