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k so imma start by saying i HAVE NOT BEEN OFFICIALLY DIAGNOSED by a doctor or wutever but my mother, a nurse, says i could have Trichotillomania aka TTM and umm yeah i do have that whole hair pull out thing and i've already looked up ways to stop me from pulling out my hair but i'm here anyway so deal with it. u see i want an undercut but i can get one if there two bald spots on each side of my hair i mean my hairs long enough to cover it for now but like- so i go to school and thankfully it's cancelled so no one has to see me constantly loosing hair but before it kinda ended i was using tweezers to like pull out my eye lashes cuz like sometimes there these black ends on them when they usually white so yuh then i went kinda crazy and almost made my whole eyelid bare so that's not good and i made my mother take away the tweezers but she kinda has pre-stage alzheimer's so she forgets to like move them so i keep finding them and like i'm tellin myself i pull for a purpose but my purpose was not to make myself bald like wtf so umm idk if i even explained it well enough but that's my problem and i'm like seconds away from just glueing mittens to my hands cuz i need to grow this hair back in a month or i'm screwed

sooooo yuh

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Hi Atreus. Thanks for coming to us for support. I’m Monsoon and I’m a Digital Support Mentor here at Ditch the Label.


I think it's really brave of you to be so open about your struggles. The best way to support mental health recovery is to be open and seek help from others. I think that it's absolutely essential that you seek advice from a doctor about this. They will know the right course of action to help you through this situation. Do you think this is a good idea?


Let me know that you think and we can go from there. You may also find these articles useful in the meantime:






It might be useful for you to start thinking about why you feel the need to pull the hairs out. There will be a reason for this and if you start to notice the thoughts that lead you to doing this, then that might uncover a reason which will provide a basis for moving on from these behaviours.


I hope to hear back from you soon. Stay safe.


- Monsoon


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ok so it's not really self harm cuz it don't hurt like i pull out the whole thing even the part of the hair inside my head and uhhh i have lost the tweezers so yay i think and uhh i got another bald spot on my head so rippp and it's all cuz one infected hair that i start pullin like i swear i pull the hair i need to then all the ones around it and most times i even know wut i'm doin but i don't stop i big stupid now me mum takin me to the dermatologist and she won't lemme cut my hair s a d

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I'm glad to hear that your mum is taking you to the dermatologist. They will be able to help you out with this :)


With self-harm, it doesn't actually have to hurt and it includes any kind of behaviour which harms your body. I think that an infection due to the hair pulling and bald patches fall under this. People actually self harm for sooooo many different reasons, one of them being anxiety. The self harm can help to reduce anxiety.


Why don't you have a go at trying the safe versions? It's worth a go and we don't want you to harm yourself. Let me know what you think :)


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