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Just introducing myself- really hoping this helps


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I’m 35, I have a 9 year old girl and 12 year old stepson. Being a stepmom is challenging, but for the most part I can handle it. My husband has heart problems and I have been told in the past not to leave him alone, but that was before his heart surgery. Ive always had social anxiety but I have been having trouble coping with it lately. If it continues to progress I could see myself turning into a shut in hermit...

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Hello @Jrmeans09


Welcome to the community,


Have you communicated how you feel to your husband? Are you his sole carer or are there other people that could assist so you could get a little bit of respite care? Have you tried reaching out to other Moms in the area as a support network.


Sometimes just recognising these feelings and watching that you are noticing the warning signs is enough to try and change the behaviours, so the fact that you are open to talking about it on this platform is a really good sign.


I hope this was of some assistance to you.



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Sorry, I’m typing on my phone and it didn’t allow me to type a whole lot. I missed some details- so it’s been about 2 years since my husbands heart surgery. He has a pacemaker and it shocks him once or twice a month. He no longer needs someone there at all times, but there’s been some scares that still stick with me.


Ive told him my feelings, but there’s not much he can do. I have a hard time finding balance. How much should I worry and stick with him and how much is irrational?


my biggest issue is that I have anxiety for hours before attending my religious meetings. It’s managable when my husband feels good enough to come with, but if he stays home I have silent anxiety attacks until I convince myself to just stay home. I know avoidance only makes social anxiety worse- but it feels like an invisible force field keeping me from where I want to be

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