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Hey I’m new here and idk if this is the right place to put this but I’m putting myself out there and hopefully it doesn’t go wrong.

anyway I’m dealing with a lot of issues at once but I have no idea how to put them into words and even if I did I doubt anyone would get it.

so no one really understands me and I don’t think they ever will. My family situation is really difficult even though I’m the only one who acknowledges it so the problems just keep happening. My family is basically in poverty and I’m terrified of losing my house and I’m angry at my life and my dad because we have never had enough money. I don’t feel like I’ll ever have a stable life and this cycle will always continue, and I will never have a good life or family or my own house or a partner who loves me unconditionally.

im stuck in my depression and anxiety and don’t know how to contact anyone and I don’t really feel like it’ll help anyway. Im always angry because of my life and so people are always on the defensive even though I don’t intend any harm.

I have all sorts of things I would like but don’t have the money to get them, like flipping glasses even, for example. I really hate myself too and find myself hideous and I’m tired of this body I have.

im just lost and stuck and don’t have a starting point. I doubt anyone will have anything to say but what should I do

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Hello Clara,


I'm sorry you and your family are going through a hard time. I know it's hard and you will obviously overhear things in the family but it is not your fault or your responsibility to have to worry about your financial situation, that should be the responsibility of your parents.


Anger can often happen when you are in periods of high stress or discomfort - just like you are now so try not to give yourself too much of a hardtime - have you tried any coping strategies for your anger - like counting backwards from 10? Or screaming into a pillow?? Is there anyone at school that you could talk to, possibly someone in student support?


Sending positivity your way right now.



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