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What song are you listening to? 🎵


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Would You Be So Kind?-Dodie

It's honestly very relatable to me and It's exactly what I'm going through with a girl in my grade at school. It's actually a good song, in my opinion.

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serotonin by girl in red

i’m yours sped up by lsabel LaRosa

Miss you sped up by southstar

 better than revenge by taylor swift

dead girl in the pool by girl in red

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I'm OBSESSED with music so here we go (yes, this is all stuff I'm listening to right now). Okay, so currently:

-Michelle by Sir Chloe (more so last week but still listening to it plenty)

-Wish you were Gay by Claud

-Space Man by Sam Ryder (idk it hits different)

-Oh No! by Marina and The Diamonds

-the entire Midnights album by Taylor Swift

-actually everything by Taylor Swift lol (Autumn is so good)

-Hate You by Jordi (it's new and it's on YouTube idk either)

-More Than a Friend by Girli


-You Stupid Bitch by Girl in Red


-just music by Girl in Red in general

-Boyfriend by Dove Cameron

Hopefully this wasn't too much. Like I said, I'm obsessed. I might post an update here in one or two weeks :)

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