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  1. (We are in 7th grade) (I will refer to my crush as G) My friends always tease G and I whenever we're sitting or standing next to each other. Neither of us mind of course. But they always tell me to just ask her out or get with her. Yeah, we like each other. But it's not that simple. Her dad is the only one of of our parents that know about the whole thing. I'm lucky that her father didn't tell my mother about it when they talked at her house last school year for a sleepover. I want to wait another year or two until I'm old enough my parents can't tell me that I'm "just confused." But, that makes me wonder if she can even keep her feelings for me that long. I know I can keep mine, but it's stressing me out. If she does ever tell me she lost her feelings before I tell my parents, I can get over it, and I wouldn't really have to tell my parents that part. If she does keep them, it makes it easier for me. But I'm worried I'm taking too long to do something. I can't exactly talk about with my friends because we only talk at school, I prefer to vent in person if I can, I'm scared of my parents seeing texts if I talk about it. I'm scared of talking to G myself because of the same reasons. We only have three classes together, and we don't sit together in any of them. But I really like her. Do I wait and just make occasional small talk about it, just wait, or do I actually do something. Someone I can talk to would be nice as well.
  2. So there is this guy in my after school choir. He forgot his music on Tuesday(9/20) so I sat close to him so he could see my music. he started rubbing his thigh against mine and at one point he put his head on my shoulder and started purring. Does he like me or is this just normal or something. Btw I've known him since 2nd grade.
  3. So lately I've been a cynic. Well, more of a cynic than usual. I've been in one relationship ever, and it ended up toxic. I'm not sure if everyone ends a relationship being loved more than anything in the world one moment to having your guts hated the next? He called me the b-word, undesirable, hopes I die alone. A week ago I met this guy. I can't say I like him because we've just met and haven't had enough time to form a bond. I take a long time to warm up to people, you see. But he likes me already. He said I'm beautiful and fun to talk to. Compliments don't work on me anymore though. The last guy called me beautiful and amazing just to replace that with "fake crazy b" when I left. I don't think love is real. I athink people just idealize you then throw you away when they know the real you. For a year already, I lowkey wanted to try again, just to prove my ex-bf wrong when he said that nobody would ever love me again. But now that I finally have a guy's attention, I shy away.
  4. I'm dating this guy, we both really really like each other but we wanted our relationship to be private, we don't mind if our parents find out but what we didn't want was people at our school knowing. He has a lot of friends, friends that I don't completely trust as I've had a bad history with some of his friends, and they didn't know about us... Well not until today when they walked into the classroom that him and I were in. We weren't doing anything bad, we were just talking, but when they walked in on us they thought otherwise and started commenting. He was in a lot of pain today and seeing his friends walk in on us put him in even more pain, I freaked out and started crying because it was the only thing I could do at the time so he tried comforting me when his friends left but I just feel really guilty and like it's my fault that everything has happened. He went home after that happened and I really wished I went home too but I'm still stuck at school dealing with my anxiety and depression on my own :)
  5. my social relationships are so unfulfilling and toxic that i feel like there's something terribly wrong and unfixable with me to be constantly attracting these people. my current roommate A hates me for unknown reasons. she hates me so much that she blocked me. i don't even do anything!!! we had drama involving my other roommate B (who had to move out for unrelated reasons) in which she never said what she wanted/never communicated that she had a problem with anything I was doing and then got mad and passive aggressive towards me because I didn't do what she wanted. A and i haven't talked in months. A didn't say anything when B got bit by a raccoon, she didn't say anything when she found B's stuff was suddenly gone bc she had moved out and hadn't told her. then A just moved all her stuff where B's stuff used to be. THEN i had a brief romantic affair with this guy who kept ghosting me and then started dating a girl he hung out with while we were together literally 2 days after i broke up with him. they've been together 5 months now. i have never had a relationship. pretty sure the guy just used me for attention, so i can't say any guy has ever been attracted to me either. the fact that he's able to get a girl so easily and the fact that A has so many more friends than me makes me feel like i'm just incredibly defective. like why are the toxic people in my life more loved than i am???? is there something wrong with me?????
  6. Iโ€™m very insecure with an incredibly low self esteem and my boyfriend knows this. He teases me constantly making jokes about me being ugly or calls me irritating and childish. Itโ€™s in a jokey way and I donโ€™t think heโ€™s necessarily trying to be mean but when I say it hurts my feelings he gets irritated and tells me I should be able to take a joke. Or if it gets to a point where itโ€™s relentless and I say stop he doesnโ€™t. I want to be able to be more positive about myself but being told these things even in a jokey way makes me feel like I canโ€™t.
  7. Niki01


    Hi Iโ€™m Niki , So Iโ€™ve been in uni for 6 months now and since the 4th week I have been sleeping with this guy on and off. We have never made any boundaries or put a label on anything and Ik he is still sleeping round with other girls. I have also with guys but not one nights stands just starting to talk to people and when I do I stop having sex with him ( tho we stay friendly and still talk). But every time I try and move on or stop myself I always end up going back there As we always go out in the same clubs/pubs. We get on really well and our personalities match, like all my friends say โ€œthere is an obvious connectionโ€. A bit about him (J) - so J is 9 years older than me and lives just off campus, he has a reputation of sleeping around and he does drugs, which he knows Iโ€™m against and he appreciates my feelings and doesnโ€™t do it when Iโ€™m around. J has gone through a lot of trauma similar to me. ( my cousin killed herself not long ago and his mate done the same 5 years ago) although he is also dealing with cancer and going through his last phase of kemo. J has a mask on in public he is perceived as one of the best lads on campus and has a big personality. Although behind closed doors I can see heโ€™s struggling and he hides his true emotions. Every Saturday we go to karaoke in the local pub and he sings. And I mean he can sing, he has produced songs and albums etc. Anyways I just donโ€™t understand what is going on between us both and Iโ€™m too afraid to ask incase he ends things cause I do like him and enjoy what we have now and I donโ€™t want it to end although I donโ€™t know what to do about the whole situation. We always end up going bk to each others all his house mates love me (I meet up with them without him ) and they always say Iโ€™m the only girl he has brought home multiple times as he always ends things after one night. But I donโ€™t understand why cause he says he doesnโ€™t want a relationship or anything. He also says when weโ€™re laying in bed watching tv โ€œdonโ€™t catch feelings nowโ€ and I donโ€™t understand what he means by this is he waiting for me to admit thereโ€™s feelings or does he genuinely not want me to ? Iโ€™m just so confused and I donโ€™t know what to do or how to go around it.
  8. I met a person. They're great, we've been together 2 months. Recently, a crush from college messaged me to get through some emotional stuff, so I said yeah. I realised I hadn't moved on at all from them. And they admitted they liked me too. For this person I'd do a lot at the drop of a hat. However, I'm in a committed relationship that I don't want to end out of the blue like that because there's nothing wrong at all and I love the person I'm with. But I also want to be with this crush I have the same amount if not moreso. What do I do cause my heads spinning and I can't choose
  9. So, hello, this is my first time posting on a forum here, but lately I have had some issues with my ex-girlfriend (I'll call her Hannah for privacy) I met her back in late October, and her charismatic nature drew me in. Hannah was my best friend's other best friend, and as I hung out with my best friend more, I got to know her better. Hannah and I were some of the only AFAB people who liked women at our school, so we bonded over that. In early November, we started hanging out after school. I confessed that I had a big crush on her, and she didn't act surprised, she said that she liked me as well. In mid-November, we went on dates, and I had loads of fun with her. This went on until Christmas Break, when we parted for three weeks. I missed her over break, and texted her almost every day, However, Hannah started leaving me on read, something that she had never done before. I wondered if I was annoying, so I let her be, When we came back to school in January, I greeted Hannah like we did before break. However, she shrugged off my hug, and went to talk with two girls that I didn't like. I tried to talk to her, tried to see what was wrong, but she dismissed me like I didn't exist. I talked to all of her old friends, and they said that Hannah had been ignoring them too. Finally, on February 1st, I said that I needed to talk with her. I pulled her aside, and said that I was tired of being ignored. She said that, and I quote, "I'm sorry, I have this habit of jumping into things, and I'm super sorry for pulling you in with me, I never meant to hurt you . My old ex treated me really bad and you shouldn't have to deal with this." She said that she needed some space, and for over a month I have attempted to give her some. However, she seems depressed and lonely all of the time, and won't even talk to me when I ask a direct question. (even for school-related topics!) She left her old friend group, and joined the loud, pessimistic crowd. I'm not sure what happened to her, but I honestly miss her as a friend would. I know that she doesn't like me romantically anymore, but I feel like our relationship never happened to her. Sorry for the long rant, Lee
  10. So i recently turned 16 on the 31st of January and pretty much i am still the same. So i have a girl best friend. I came out to her last year, I was nervous, but she accepted me. So today when she said "I will make a great couple with one of my friends". I felt jealous, like free real jealous. I wrote my math test with those words replaying in my mind. I am bi and i tend to cry if i dont really know what i wanna do. Telling her will freak her out for sure, but it hurts to keep those feelings to me. Please Help
  11. Hey y'all, I am writing this because I keep questioning whether or not I will ever find love again and it is really making me doubt myself. please help me
  12. hi to everyone reading this. i hope youโ€™re doing well :) i have known i like women and men for some time now but only recently have been comfortable with saying it out loud to close friends. i know when i come out my parents will except me but i have started talking to this girl sheโ€™s a lesbian. iโ€™m not so sure how to tell her that i have not come out fully, nor have i been with a girl before. any guidance from this community will help so please donโ€™t hesitate!
  13. Hello. My name is Haart, and I find myself in a difficult situation and in need of some advice. I met my girlfriend online last January, and we have been a couple since June. We live in the opposite sides of the World, and is therefore in a long distance relationship. In September, I managed to visit her for a week, and we both had an amazing time, but shortly after I returned home, my girlfriend entered a deep state of depression. She has a history of mental issues, especially major depression and genetical(?) anxiety, and she has tried to take her own life on a couple of occasions in the past. My girlfriend has tried to explain that since she was in such a "high" of happiness for the week I visited, she fell hard and is now in a "dip". A lot has been going on in her life recently, with internet problems reducing our contact, being forced to move, as well as physical illness. Lately, the sudden change in our relationship as well as stress from the university has really taken a toll on me. Whenever I think about her, I start missing her immensely, and I've been crying almost every day for the last three weeks, missing the connection we used to have. Since she's in this "dip", my own self image is crumbling. I can't stop thinking that I'm doing something wrong, and I blame myself for us not being in this amazing relationship we had before I visited her. I understand that my girlfriend is going through a though time, and I really want to know how to handle the situation with her depression. Is there anything I can do to help her? How can I show her that I care and love her even when she's in this state? In general; how should I act, how should I treat her, what can I do? At the same time, I can't ignore my own feelings. How can I balance being the supporting boyfriend while also not breaking completely? I've told her how I feel, but don't want to bother her with my struggles when she's going through this. She says that she wants me to talk about it, but when I tell her my worries and anxieties, she keeps blaming herself, and when I express that I feel like a horrible person, she mirrors my emotions and starts dragging herself through the dirt. What can I do? I feel like the situation is so mentally challenging, and crying every day and feeling like I've failed and that I'm not enough is tearing at me. I've booked a new trip to visit her in December, and I will be staying there for a month. I'm worried about what happens if she's still in the "dip" while I'm there. Does anyone have any good advice on how to handle this? I'm really sorry that this is all a lot at once. I just don't know what to do, and I need help.
  14. Not sure about the relationship I am having with a guy I am dating. We nearly talk everyday and go on actual dates with each other. We even act like a couple in public with holding hands and kissing. We both admitted that we weren't sure if we wanted to be in a relationship but we both really like each other.
  15. Ok so there is this guy that I used to talk to and also text I never really liked liked him until recently but he knows stuff that I don't like to talk about. I used to date this guy for a while and we broke up because I found out that I was actually texting the guy that I like now. He said once to me before that he would have sex with me even if we weren't dating and at the time I honestly thought he was joking but he said it again to my face a few days ago and so now I don't know if he was joking or being serious. Pls help
  16. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Abuse
  17. Hiii so I recently started to question my sexuality and I need some advice because im low key kinda panicking and idk what to do . I love the lgbtq+ community and have many friends within it , im just stressing because idk what to do thatโ€™s all Iโ€™m in a happy relationship with a boy so the option of experimenting with other genders isnโ€™t really possible rn obviously. But I find both boys and girls attractive and Ik Iโ€™d 100% experiment with girls at the very least . My parents are incredibly homophobic so Iโ€™d never come out to them tho . But I have amazing friends who would support me . What should I doooo please someone help x
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