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  1. The way people can drop litter on the floor annoys me, went on holiday with my dad Steve and we were paddle boarding and I collected so much plastic and rubbish which is so frustrating because fish, and birds have lives too so why try to *make them better* by littering if your ao eager to harm the planet your living on then I'm.sorry but please do what's right
  2. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Suicide
  3. Ive lived in the same city for about 9 years and now im moving 2-3 h away. I was sure i had a good amount of friends, but now, this summer, almost noone has talked to me. I have 2 friends who have wanted to hang out. A few girls from my class said they would host a sending away party for me, but now they dont talk to me. Ive felt so alone for months now. Because of my moms job, i havent seen her a lot either. Everything i do feels wrong. Im scared of going to a new school with new people, cuz i dont exactly fit in. Talking about my problems and feelings feels like im doing it for attention. Im always confused and angry with myself. Ive ruined 3 friend/relationships this year by having feelings. Im scared i wont make it through this year.
  4. I just came out to my best friend yesterday… it wasn’t planned, but she pushed me to tell her what was going on, so I did. I’m nonbinary and pansexual, and she didn’t know what either of those terms meant. I don’t know if she fully grasped the meaning of either one, but basically she knows I’m not straight and I’m not a girl. I made her promise not to react badly, and she didn’t… not really at least. She’s a Christian and I am too, and I think that’s the part she couldn’t really figure out. She doesn’t think it’s possible to be part of the lgbtq+ community and also be a Christian. She told me she would try to support me to the best of her ability, but only because I’m her friend. She doesn’t support the community, but she supports me…? Idk what she means but I really hope she comes around soon… I’m hoping to come out to my other friends soon as well, and I already know they’re gonna be far less accepting. I’m scared to see which ones will stick around and which ones will leave… but at least I’ll figure out who my real friends are… right? Anyways, thanks for listening to my problems! Hope you have a great day!
  5. Heyyyy I thought it would be good to set up a new rant topic. Feel free to go off on one about whatever is winding you up! We are here to listen
  6. Being a bisexual is hard, for me anyway. Everyone ignores the fact that being bi and gay are different, and say that I only like guys. When they do actually acknowledge that I am bi, they always say that I would just have sex with anyone. Just because I am not straight doesn't mean I'll just go down on everybody. I have my preferences for both genders. I actually think of myself as very selective of the people I have a crush on. I just hate when I get called gay, because I'm not. No offense to gays, but I dont like being called something I'm not. I also hate when they say I'd just f*ok anyone. It's so AGGRAVATING
  7. like i don't even mean to but i just find it SO triggering atm when someone coughs in a public space, especially if it's indoors. anyone else?
  8. Im in orchestra and today was an eventful day and its not even over yet. I had two assignments to turn in and he made my share my screen so i was embarrassed in front of the whole class. Then as i was doing these assignments while sharing and i started having a panick attack because these were all new notes and i started freaking out which made my teacher annoyed. So this day was great so far!
  9. Hey. I am really worried about my voice. I find it really hard to forget bad stuff that has happened earlier in my life, even the littlest things. So my mother tongue is English, I speak English everyday at home but I am waaay behind because I don’t learn any new in English in school. But I am still better than everyone else in my class. One day my teacher asked me a question. I can’t remember what the teacher asked me, but lets just say I answered soccer. The teacher told me in front of the whole class that I am wrong and that the real answer is football. Even though the words mean the same thing I still got really embarrassed. I can’t remember if any of my classmates laughed but I remember crying. There has been a lot more that has caused me to be so insecure but this is the only thing i remember clearly enough to actually tell a legit story. Blah blah blah, ill get to the point. 1. I am basically mute when it comes to English, I only speak English when I am at home. I dont think i have to explain why this is a problem. 2. My mom thinks I am acting stupid and retarded because I think its cool. 3. I feel so embarrassed telling people that my mother tongue is English and then being afraid of speaking English. This was very wordy and didn’t make a lot of sense, but I hope yall got the message. Its very late and I have to sleep.
  10. So I keep seeing this girl who previously bullied me at school, and every time I see her I get nervous and sick to my stomach. She’s currently my exes girlfriend, and in the past would comment about how I was stupid to think I ever had a chance with my ex and how much of an upgrade she was. She’s not saying anything to me now, but I still occasionally have nightmares about her. I’d really like to be able to move on with my life but I’m not sure how
  11. soo 3 three people blocked me and 1 unfriended me on fb for no reason. A, M, J and K never responded to my messages. Maybe Ill just talk to them at the Animezement next year to get them to talk to me because im getting sick and tired of people blocking, ignoring my messages and unfriending me when I'm trying to be nice. Im tired of being alone. I'm a Extrovert. I don't care of they're busy with school and work. I'm sitting in my apartment doing nothing. I don't have a car. They think I'm harassing them. So ridiculous.
  12. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Abuse
  13. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Sexual Assault & Rape
  14. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Hate
  15. Hi, my name is Jo. I came out to myself last year as being bisexual and have kept that a secret ever since. I feel like it’s such a huge burden weighing down on me and I really want to start being my authentic self and let the people in my life know about my sexual orientation, but just the thought of disclosing my truth to my family brings me so much anxiety. My family are quite conservative and are of an Asian background where queer people aren’t as accepted into society. My parents have also previously expressed homophobic beliefs which makes me feel even more intimidated to come out. I feel like currently I’m stuck in a toxic environment where i’m unable to express my feelings to anyone or be 100% myself which feels so suffocating, and being in quarantine doesn’t really help with that. I know I’m probably rambling but I just feel like I need to let so much out but I don’t exactly have anyone that I can open upto about all of this. There’s times where I just hope that if one day I ever want to end up getting married, it’s to a guy - so I could just straight-pass for the rest of my life and kept my identity hidden from my parents, but that just stresses me out because being bisexual means more to me than just being a sexual preference. And not being able to express that to the people in my life really bothers me. It’s even more difficult because right now there’s this girl that I really like and its like I conciously try avoid talking about her so my parents or friends don’t suspect anything. I don’t know where i’m going with this but I just wanted to find a space where I could maybe find some people who I could speak to about my sexuality, since I’m unable to do that with anyone in real life. It’s just that these days I feel like my anxiety and depression is getting so much worse with me being caged in the house (literally) and feeling pressured to always be someone who I’m not. I guess i’m just frustrated that I always have to be this stereotypical “good asian�. Its even in the other aspects of my life such as being forced to pursue a career in medicine and being unable to actually go out and socialise. It’s hard because my parents have always enforced these things on me and have always controlled and micromanaged every aspect of my life. I had no choice but to immerse myself in science and accept a medical course at uni which I have to start in September, and just abandon my creative side because medicine is a more “stable financial career� and art is “just a waste of time�. I feel like at this point I’m just about to implode with everything that’s going and each day I ache to just stand upto my parents and put my foot down but it’s not as simple as that as every time I’ve tried I just get shut down. I don’t have any other relatives that i’m close with as they always side with my parents and have a similar belief systems- besides, they live in asia so leaving home to live with them was never an option. I’m sorry that everything was so jumbled up, i guess i started off ranting about one thing and it just escalated into multiple things- but I don’t really know what to do and I don’t know how to start being more myself and whether I should come out or not. It just feels like such a lose-lose situation.
  16. I can't stay home with my family anymore. I used to stay out as long as I can to avoid their fights (mom and dad), that really hurts me I don't feel okay while living with this. sometimes I feel that I hate my father and I don't want to see him again I don't know if it's normal but I cant handle this feeling. I'm an introvert person, communication with others sometimes makes me anxious no problem for me to stay alone for long times, my problem isn't the lockdown due to corona, but that I can't deal with my family it feels like a heavy thing on my hurt and tired of sleeping every night crying because of them.Is neglecting the problem will save me from this harmful feelings or I should face my problems and how to face this? thank you
  17. I know corona is a global issue, but I really need people to calm down because it's impacting myself and others I know. Myself and my flatmate have just been shopping in town. All we wanted was some basic things - veg, meat, toilet roll - but so much stuff was out of stock. Town was absolutely rammed with people, panicking parents and their rampaging children. So many shelves were bare. I don't like shopping at the best of times, I don't particularly like children either, so this was tough already. Add on the lack of products, me trying to save money (my student loan is dwindling now because we're nearing the end of term now). And because of all this stress, my tourettes started to get worse. My friend who I was with doesn't know about it, I haven't told her, and I'm very good at hiding it. It's still a touchy subject for me, so whilst all this ^ is going on, I'm also desperately trying to hold my tourettes in which is really friggin difficult. Everything around me was just not helping at all. I got home and we put our stuff away, I feel absolutely exhausted now from suppressing it for all that time. I have work I really need to do, but I'm exhausted. Calm the f*** down people, please, you're giving people like me a really really hard time.
  18. Hey guys so there's this group of boys in school that keep pushing each other into me and they always do it away from cameras ... thus has happened so much that sometimes they waut outside class 4 me as u git to kessin late to avoid them ... idk what to do as ivr been to the head and they just dc any advice would br great guys xxxx
  19. I found a reason why A, her bf and her friends blocked me. She sent this message to my friend about me: From A: I dont appreciate accusing me of that. I have nothing against gays, straight, trans and so on. Its the fact that she’s asked friends for using their pictures for “personal projects� and making my friends and boyfriend uncomfortable. I’ve been harrassed about this for months by one of her friends and i wish it would stop. I just wanted to do some photo editing in photo shop because I got bored. Why does it make them uncomfortable?
  20. Idk why do people want to block me after I met them in my classes at my community college. Ive been nice to them for two semesters. Every time I take a college break, they ignore me and block me every where on Social media. I didnt do anything wrong to them. its so annoying and irritating Why do people do stuff like that?. I don't think I would rather meet any new friends at my community college anymore because I can't deal with these students and I can't stand the way they treat me there. If My dad would've took me to see a Social Counselor, then non of this wouldn't happen. I can't wait to pass my two classes in Summer 2020 and take classes online in FA 2020 and Spring 2021 to get away from them and transfer to NCSU in fall 2021. Do people do that to you when you meet them in college?
  21. My mom knows a boy who's dressed as a girl for years. He's only 9, he's trans. Their mom fully supports it. No troubles. My mom has just informed me that the school has chucked them out for it!! I went to this school when I was younger. My sisters went to that school when they were younger. I really liked that school, as did they. I'm utterly fucking enraged. They're 9 years old. They've been chucked out the school. That'll stick with them for a LONG time. They're really upset and so is their mom. When I heard the news, I cried a bit. I got so so angry. Last night, I went to the universities LGBT social. It was drag night. I had such a fantastic time. I felt really at home and really supported by them and the club hosting the LGBT night. Now this has happened. Brutal reminder that not everywhere cares for everyone. I can't believe someone went 'yep. Let's kick them out because they wear girls clothes but they're a boy. Yeah. Fuck their education'. I'm so so enraged. .
  22. hey guys so ive had a shit day ppl think its "funny" to have nasty conversation about me while sitting nxt to me and thats just the start grrr
  23. College is so tough right now I don't want to be there and it's only the second week, one of my teachers she is so rude to me and I keep on messing up. Also where the teacher have to go through the subjects so fast I can't keep up that well it's just getting too much to handle.
  24. I hate coming from a small town with people who don't even know anything about the LGBT+ community and then act like love is so wrong but honestly who cares. Love is love.
  25. I get flashbacks to the point where I can smell the grass from the specific day I'm remembering of being beat up, the worst time I got beat up. I can remember their voices, and me panicking and losing my breath. I remember the wetness of the ground and how it felt against my skin and how their kicks dug into my ribs and their fists bouncing off of me. I remember it all. I lie in bed and it's like I was in a war or something. I'm scared I will never get over this, that I will have to live with this burden for the rest of my life and I can't do anything about it. I'm scared. Please give me advice, I've tried so many websites just trying to talk to someone, and no one replies. I'm okay. I just want to know someone hears.
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