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  1. okay so i know i'm asexual. and i'm pretty sure i'm aro. but there's this friend i had and whenever i was around them id get butterflies and id want to hold their hand. apparently this is a sign of romantic attraction, but isnt necessarily. anyway i was completely repulsed to the idea of dating them (mostly) and anything romantic repulses me A LOT. like kissing, cuddling, touching- all of that repulses me. and i can't figure out the difference between romantic and platonic attraction. i think im quoiromantic?? idk- i feel broken like i'm missing out on romantic attraction, and society puts so much emphasis on sex. kids are already talking about dating and stuff, and for me it's all something i can't relate to. and i think i've experienced alterous attraction, platonic attraction, and aesthetic attraction. sensual attraction seems to also blur lines with romantic attraction for me. it all makes no sense- someone help. i feel like i might want a queerplatonic relationship at some point in my life but im not ready for that yet. yeah someone help i'm identity crisising all over the place one sentence to describe my current orientation: "why have a gf/bf/enbyfriend when you can have garlic bread"
  2. I feel like i'm bi but my parents are strict. I feel like i need to shake it off and be "normal" again but i feel like i can't. why do i feel like thisss.
  3. So there is this guy in my after school choir. He forgot his music on Tuesday(9/20) so I sat close to him so he could see my music. he started rubbing his thigh against mine and at one point he put his head on my shoulder and started purring. Does he like me or is this just normal or something. Btw I've known him since 2nd grade.
  4. i grew up thinking i was straight, but around 11 yrs old i became questioning. but i'd still tell people i was straight (it didn't feel right though). i only had boy crushes, but sometimes, i'd feel flustered around a girl (but i was lacking those butterflies in my stomach), and sometimes i'd notice how pretty they are, or how well their eyes complimented their hair, and i couldn't stop staring at them. and sometimes, in movies, i'd stare at the girl, not the boy, but i didn't feel romantically attracted to them. but i would kiss a boy and i would kiss a girl. but i'd only date a guy -- i feel attraction unevenly for both genders, but i think attraction is there for both. could i be a heteroromantic bisexual? or bi-curious? or just questioning ? please help <3
  5. hello, my name is grace (she/her or she/they). if i recall correctly, i set up this account around the middle of 2021. by then, for a few months i think, i had begun questioning my sexuality. at first, it began when i began having more and more influence and interactions with people from the LQBTQIA+ community which came through friends and media. at first i questioned whether or not i was bi, because i thought some girls were pretty (i currently identify as a female) and i was "obsessed" with fictional men from shows and movies. many of my obsessions began after being influenced by people in media, for example, (this made me cringe as i type this because as i look back on it, i was WAY too attached to him) draco malfoy. i had never paid much thought but i also believe that partly came from me not having not been in my harry potter obsession yet -- this obsession for the books and movies coming approximately 6 months before my "draco phase" where i was completely in love with fanon draco (from fanfics, not the movies, i can acknowledge that he was an ass in the canon series but i can also acknowledge it was mainly because of how he was raised). at the time, i thought that i thought he along with many other fictional guys looked good, but now as i look back on it, i don't think any of them are attractive but i can understand why people could consider them attractive. after i made this account in 2021, i left one post sharing my conflicting thoughts and i spoke to this wonderful person, but didn't come up with much after the conversation (they were an absolutely lovely person though, thank you to whoever this was). approximately one year later, here i am logging on again to, again, share my conflicting thoughts regarding my sexuality. the past year, i have become, frankly, quite irritated in not knowing my sexuality. as of now, i am questioning as of not if i am a lesbian and here is why: my lack of desire to be with a male in any way and my desire to have romantic (and possibly s!xual) relations with a female. i look back on what i thought were crushes (all males) and remember not being physically to them but more so to their personality (humor, intelligence, etc.) and enjoying their company, and the thought that they "liked" me back made me have what many people consider butterflies. it has been years since these "crushes" and since then i have yet to have another crush (of any gender), the last regard being one reasons that make me believe i am going through all this questioning for nothing. but, despite not having "crushes" on people, one of the other reasons i believe i may be a lesbian is because of, frankly, tiktok. that app alone is one of the reasons i am still bothering with questioning my sexuality because the amount of pretty women i see on there that make me momentarily lose my breath and/or make me shudder lmfao. as just a bit of extra info, when i look into my future, i hope to see a female. as far as i know, i want to be with a female in all aspects. my main reason for leaving this bit of information on this website to strangers is because what i truly want is someone's, anyone's, opinion on this. as well as this, how other people finally knew they were gay. thank you xoxo and sorry if this was tmi
  6. I know that Iโ€™m a Demi sexual lesbian but sometimes there are these moments where my brain just sees a random guy and is just like "I mean heโ€™s cute, are you attracted to him?" And my brain just fires off into overthinking thinking things. Itโ€™s gotten to the point where Iโ€™m just confused a lot and start questioning all over again, Any thoughts?
  7. I have been questioning myself for a long time already, but I have always tried to ignore because I thought I might not really be into others. But I don't underatand my feelings anymore and I question myself whether I like girls also or not. I know I am into boys, but I don't know how I feel about girls, I am not discomoforted nor bothered by the idea of kissing or going out with a girl. I mean, I might kinda like it? But I'm not sure whether how I feel is true or not.
  8. Hi everyone! My name is ash & iโ€™ve identified as a heterosexual hispanic woman my entire life. even through college. i recently began medical school and have become confused about if i am attracted to women or just so turned off by men recently because of past relationships. i know i still am attracted to men. but recently, the more i begin to think of women in my life as something more than just a friend, the more amazing the idea sounds. itโ€™s just the sex part of being with a woman that kind of scares me. itโ€™s also more confusing because i see all these tiktoks of people saying like โ€œqueer things that i did before i knew i was queerโ€ and they lost off like experiencing some kind of best friend monogamy or like a sexless relationship. and iโ€™ve experienced that. i donโ€™t know. i know sexuality is a spectrum and i donโ€™t need to label myself but iโ€™m just confused. what are some things that clued you into identifying as a bisexual? as always, i am so grateful to have a safe space to ask these kinds of questions and i appreciate everyone on this platform for taking the time to share your stories. sending love & light <3, ash
  9. I recently posted on a similar topic but I have a different question. Iโ€™m trying to figure out if Iโ€™m bi or not (without experimenting) but i go through phases. For a couple months at a time Iโ€™ll think k could be bi, but then for the next couple months (give or take- I donโ€™t keep track) Iโ€™ll think Iโ€™m straight. Like idk, I just go through periods of different feelings. Can sexuality be fluid? I know of people who honestly believe they were attracted to a man for a long time, but are now lesbian. Can you change your sexual preferences. Honestly just a question
  10. Hey guys so for the past couple years I have had trouble questioning my sexuality. I have a boyfriend who I love for the past few years so I canโ€™t experiment or anything. I think some girls are soo pretty and are hot. I think Iโ€™d have sex with a girl, but canโ€™t see myself marrying one. Some say itโ€™s just jealousy or like a deep admiration for one. After I first started questioning myself I found that I fit a lot of bi stereotypes (not that it matters, just made me question myself more) I feel like I for the definition of heteroromantic bisexual, but a lot of people in the community donโ€™t like micro labels. Im not pressuring myself to label my sexuality but I feel like Iโ€™d feel better if I understood more of what it is. i defiantly like guys, Iโ€™m just unsure of the girl part lol. Any advice is appreciated.
  11. Hi, I (19F) have recently started questioning my sexuality and it's been really confusing. I've always liked boys but lately, I've been open to other genders aside from men. I'm having a really hard time embracing who I am because I don't live in the most accepting home. A part of me has been suppressing these feelings for years because I don't any of my relationships around me to change. On a slightly lighter note, I just finished my first year of university, I used to be a dancer, I live in Canada, and I want to be a doctor someday!
  12. Iโ€™m 17 (M), and for some years now I guess Iโ€™ve always questioned myself. I grew up attracted to girls and have always had girlfriends, but the first time I ever had an attraction to a guy I felt really weird, over the years this has more and more disappeared but I am still confused. Currently I have a girlfriend, so Iโ€™m in a heterosexual relationship, however I do find myself wondering what I am. I have attractions to both genders, im just confused.
  13. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Sex
  14. a few years ago i started contemplating whether i was bisexual. just these last few months though i've really been leaning towards it... as a girl myself, i've never really been attracted or had a crush on a girl, but i have to say i really don't see any issues with dating one, and i could see myself doing it. to me, all that matters is that if i love them, and they love me. can i say i'm bisexual if i've never even had a crush on a girl? is that like acceptable or is it just stupid?
  15. I have only dated and been sexually involved with men my whole life. I have always found women attractive, but I donโ€™t think sexually attractive. I have kissed women a few times and it was nice. Iโ€™m having trouble determining how I feel, which I know a complete stranger canโ€™t do for me. Iโ€™m physically attracted to both men and women, but only sexually attracted to men.. I know this is normal in most cases, but just would like some in-site! Thank you :) my name is Hannah btw (she, her)
  16. Last weekend I was hanging out with some friends (I am a girl), and me and one of the other girls went in the hot tub together. We were joking around and having a good time and then I jokingly kissed her, but surprisingly, she grabbed my head and kissed back. We both pulled away and started laughing about it, but laying in my bed that night I realized I didn't feel like it was a joke. I've always thought this girl was so beautiful and nice, and I realized I didn't exactly know if I thought of these traits in a platonic way. Her parents are VERY homophobic, and I went to her church with her a couple times, and it's safe to say she is surrounded by a community that would never accept anyone who is not straight, I've questioned by sexuality before, but I thought everyone did that so I ignored any feelings about it. I've liked guys before and been attracted to them even, and I feel like I can't talk to anyone under the fear they'll think I'm disgusting or confused. Everyone at our school is insanely homophobic to the point of bullying all the openly LQBTQ+ kids. I don't know if anyone has been in this situation before. but please give me some advice if you have.
  17. Hey y'all, I am writing this because I keep questioning whether or not I will ever find love again and it is really making me doubt myself. please help me
  18. I grew up in a traditional Christian family, so I didnโ€™t allow myself to question my identity until about a year and a half ago. When I first realized that I probably wasnโ€™t straight or cis, it scared the living heck out of me. After all, I wasnโ€™t allowed to be anything other than cis and straight, or I wouldnโ€™t be allowed through the gates of Heaven. For so long I felt guilty about who I was, like I was flawed in some way that I couldnโ€™t control. But a few months ago I figured out that I donโ€™t really believe in God, and let me tell you, I have never felt so light and free. Because of this, I can finally continue exploring my identity without this dark cloud of guilt hovering over my head. But now, everything that I thought I knew about my gender identity has simply drifted away, and it feels like Iโ€™m back at square one. I used to be so sure that I was nonbinary, but now Iโ€™m thinking that I might be a demiboy, or maybe Iโ€™m just a trans guy who likes feminine things. But what if Iโ€™m not? I mean, it seems like my gender identity just keeps changing with each season, so Iโ€™m not exactly sure what I am anymore. (I applaud you if you have read this far. It seems like my posts always end up turning into entire essays lol.) Any advice/kind words would be greatly appreciated!
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