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Found 1 result

  1. This AMA is now closed. Thanks for all of your questions! Hey everyone! I’m Holly Hagan - TV personality, nutrition coach and Ditch the Label Ambassador. I try to use my platform to raise awareness of the many mistakes I’ve made in the past when it comes to diet culture. Educating people on the correct way to look after their body and mental health. I speak a lot about my experience with eating disorders and fad diets which were a product of years of appearance based bullying both on and offline. Meeting Ditch the Label I felt an instant connection to the brand and new it was something I wanted to be involved in! Since then we’ve worked on many partnerships together and have even spoken with MPs in the House of Lords on the topic of body image. I’m so proud to be a Ditch the Label ambassador, they have not only helped me but many of my friends overcome difficult online abuse. Feel free to ask me anything and hopefully I can use my knowledge and experiences to help you. Ask me anything from body image and nutrition to trolling and about my time on Geordie Shore. I'm an open book! - Holly Hagan x
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