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  1. Howdy! Firstly, welcome! It's great to have you join our community. This forum is here as a safe space for anybody aged 12-25 that needs it. Here you can meet likeminded people, get advice and support, or even just have a chat with others about the things you care most about. How do I set up and customise my profile? By now, you should have created a user account. If you haven't already, you can start by filling out your profile. You may also choose to customise your profile with a cover photo and avatar. Just remember to follow our Community Guidelines and don't post selfies or personal information that somebody could use to identify you. To do all of this, simply click the drop down arrow next to your username in the navigation bar, then click profile. Once here, click 'Edit Profile' which is shown in the top right hand corner of your cover photo. You can also customise your cover photo and avatar just by hovering over them and selecting to either upload an image or to select one from our stock library. How do I change my password, email, username or security settings? We've made it super easy to control all of your account settings in one convenient place. To update any of your information, or to set up 2FA security settings for your account, simply click 'Account Settings' on the drop down menu beside your username in the navigation bar, or click here. By default, you will receive an email if we notice unusual activity on your account, or to confirm it's you when logging in on a new device. We encourage all users to set up 2FA to maximise account security. How do I change my notification settings? Whenever somebody interacts with you or your content on community, or when you receive a new badge or rank, you can choose to receive notifications. You can easily configure how you'd like to receive notifications; some people prefer to just have notifications show when they are logged into community, whilst others like to receive email or pop up notifications on their smartphone when somebody replies to their posts so that they don't forget. You can customise and change these settings at any time. To do this, simply click on 'Notification Settings' in your Account Settings hub. You can then customise how you'd like to receive notifications for different alerts. Feel free to leave any questions below and we'll be happy to help you
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