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  1. That sounds like a good idea. I'll continue to support her but won't mither her with questions. I will update if things get any better between us. Thank you so much for your help over these past few days, I hope you are doing well
  2. Hi, I haven’t asked her yet but wanted to ask you something. I’m feeling so confused about this, because if she is always saying shes ‘fine’, then she is not communicating her feelings. They feel so directed at me and I don’t know how to help her if I am the issue. Do I continue putting in the effort just in case there is something wrong or do I put my energy somewhere else?
  3. Yes, I ask her in person. I think you are definitely right so I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you
  4. Yes it does feel directly at me, as with others she’s fine (despite them making rude jokes about her which I find weird). This thought has been worrying me, that she doesn’t like me anymore? I don’t want to assume anything though.
  5. Yes, I’ve found sometimes it could just be a day thing, but other times not. This is extremely helpful, you can’t change people. I’m glad you found friends who support your art, I hope to find people like that soon haha. It would be a shame if my friendship ended but we need to look after ourselves. Thank you so much this has made me feel much better, and made me realise I shouldn’t worry if i don’t connect as much anymore. Hope you are doing well
  6. This sounds like a great idea considering the daily stress of school. I’ll make sure to try and arrange plans, that may help. I really appreciate you replying
  7. That sounds like a really good idea! I asked her again today but she did seem a tad irritated? I’ll ask again soon. What do you make of this?
  8. Yes, that sounds very possible and I understand if she didn’t want to share. What way could I support her if she isn’t wanting to directly talk about it? Thank you for this advice
  9. Hi, she is usually polite and would cover it up. She told me yes everything was fine, but I’m aware asking over and over again could upset her. What do you suggest?
  10. I often blame my feelings on being a teenager, but this time I don't think I'm overreacting. I have been friends with this girl since primary school, and we re-connected 2 years ago. We have been inseparable ever since, except in the past 3 months her behaviour towards me has been questionable. I always make an effort to support her emotionally, I am myself around her but she doesn't put in much. The most I get is a reluctant 'well done' whereas I hype her up feeling genuinely proud of her achievements, making me want to dumb myself down as to not look as if I'm 'smarter' than her. After leaving me out today, I left school feeling so awful and began questioning my own character. I don't think I have hurt her, I did ask, but im just mentally deflated. She is not in anyway a bad person: she is known well for being extremely kind to others. So why am I feeling like this? I would really appreciate advice on whether I should just continue as I am or re-consider my friendships? thanks
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