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    Hey! I’m Foggy, but I have also invited a reputation of hoarding names. My full name set is Foggy/Kadey/Dewer/Kale, so you can use any of those for me. I’m a bisexual nonbinary individual who would love to meet some new people and be able to be my true self :))
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  1. Thanks I dunno if I can moderate but I guess this is a test then
  2. I ain’t afraid of no ghost Gimme a trick
  3. Hmmmm maybe. I mainly did this because it related to me and my experiences so it is was easier. I can try though
  4. This might as well be “The Club Where We Talk About Non-Reptiles”
  5. Thank you. Luckily I’m doing okay now bug still thank you Also I’m nonbinary so it would be sibling/sib
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