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  1. just sometimes but rarely anymore
  2. im ok now storm thanks as in, if my brother tries to reason with my mom or dad during a fight, he doesnt know what right words to say and will escalate it just telling my mom to calm down and my brother that he should listen to her because the cops had some authority, they listened
  3. sounds like dissociation do you know of any alters?
  4. milk.bread

    Chat mega thread

    that's really fun! i can only do two sides :')
  5. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Abuse
  6. what sort of weird stuff? and if you think you have amnesia gaps due to alters fronting, you can write something down somewhere to try to communicate this is achilles btw
  7. hi im new here my name is achilles i am quioromantic cryptosexual quasiromantic genderslypher omnifluxalterous vaguegender rencgender and polyamorous or in the simplest terms, aromantic, ace-spec, genderfluid, omnialterous and polyamorous so,,, yeah!
  8. i love foxes least favorite is a maggot for mythical,, i have to say my favorite is cerberus or the stymphalian birds though every mythical creature is ghfdsafghj really cool
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