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  1. Would of thought yours is purple
  2. Like if some specific things aren’t done in a specific way I have to do them again or I can’t move on at all.
  3. I’m going to try to sleep. I’m safe.

  4. So this is an unnamed pastry creation of mine, I didn’t quite write down measurements so allow me to just explain. I made a shortcrust pastry, which is just cutting some butter into flour and adding water until it comes together. Then I tossed that in the fridge to rest while I made the filling, I cut some cherry tomatoes in half and squeezed out the seeds because they’re too watery, then I cut some onions and put them in a pan with the tomatoes and let the tomatoes blister and the onions go translucent. Then turn off the heat and salt them, add dried basil, fresh oregano (let that wilt in the pan) and some balsamic vinegar concentrate if you have it. Regular balsamic would add too much liquid. Then roll out your pastry, cut a rectangle out of it, and some strips, then put a spoonful of the filling in the center of the rectangle of pastry (after the filling has cooled) and lay three strips over it. Lift one strip and put a second strip perpendicular to it underneath the first. Then lay the second strip over the next one, and under the last to form a lattice. Repeat twice, then press the strips down into the bottom rectangle. Then take one more strip and use it to line the perimeter of the rectangle over the places where you pressed the strips down. Repeat this till you run out of dough (the filling can be used the next time you make pasta). I put these on a piece of parchment paper and put them in the air fryer, and I took the paper off halfway so that there would be no soggy bottoms, and I simply eyeballed it, but you could probably do the same in the oven, I just found the air fryer convenient.
  5. I don’t even know what to do because I am falling apart. Because yesterday I was okay. And now I’m not. Because right now I just want to not exist. Not die, I’m too scared for that, I just don’t want to exist, and there’s just so many reasons. For one my family has no idea how hard it is for me to function, like at mealtime, at least 4 things need to be perfect or I can’t even eat, and my family makes fun of me for it and they don’t get it and I can’t explain and there’s so many things I’m so insecure about. Even looking semi-decent and we have a new rowing uniform and it’s formfitting and I ‘m 115 lbs and I have the slightest amount of belly fat showing and so I did the math and I know Imm over 2000 calories and Ugh, and I started going to pt and I’m self conscious in there, and it just seems easier if I didn’t exit, and I know at least a few people who would be glad for it. And a few more who maybe wouldn’t be glad but would be so much better off and I just don’t want to exist. And no I’m not in danger, I already said I don’t want to die.
  6. I just took it, I’m a type one and a type two, got six on both, and in case you were curious, my MBTI is INTP and ENTP, I’m an ambivert and also turbulent. So ANTP-T
  8. okay, what do you want to know? Would you prefer to do this in pm's?
  9. I’m starting high school at a different place than most of my friends and I’m a lil’ nervous, so I get it.
  10. Uh. Well. We cut the wrong size of ledge and we spend a bunch of time using a wood chisel and cutting it deeper because we don’t have the right power tools at home.
  11. Okay, so something I haven’t told you, I usually call you Foggy or Fogs, but the reason I generally don’t use Kadey for you is because I have a pnw accent and I gloss over D’s, and often speak them as something close to a T, and I know that you would not want me calling you Katie, so that’s why I use Foggy for you :)
  12. 1) threatening to smack me so hard that I’d be injured, have all my teeth smacked out, etc 2) being slapped in the first place 3) instead of talking or giving reasonable punishments, yelling and increasing punishments when I say anything at all. 4) getting slapped for grades 5) when they’re mad, saying anything is backtalk 6) expecting an A in everything all the time or else I’m a failure. A is passing, anything else is not. what about you guys? What passed for normal?
  13. Aww, inspiring fellow authors is nice. Enjoy the beginning, it’s often the easiest part to write.
  14. Ey Fogs, have you ever tried beekeeping? I keep bees, it’s very fun, and if you do try it, don’t do what I did, buy a hive, don’t try to build it yourself.
  15. Hi, my name’s Storm and I don’t use any social media except for Youtube, and discord and even on discord I’m only in private servers. Here’s why. as a preface, this is why I don’t use social media, but this is me. Social media isn’t for me, but other people may use it and be perfectly fine. The first thing people might think is a reason is the danger of interacting with internet randos, but that isn’t my concern, because otherwise I wouldn’t be here at all. My first and foremost reason is that my parents won’t let me. And I am very glad for that. Now into the actual reason I don’t want to use it. I know as a person if I started using social media, it’d become sort of a interest for me and it would become I spend actual time on. I’m not interested in spending time on something where people post their highlight reel, not their actual life, it’s a shallow look. And while it’s probably good entertainment, I don’t want to waste my time of something as shallow as that. Secondly, I prefer modes of communication that connect me better. I will not deny that social media is a powerful mode of communication that has the possibility to make a difference. However when given the option between posting a bunch of pictures out into the void of the internet and sending it to my friends with a little message, it will always appeal to me more because it’s more direct and I can be more personal towards my friends directly rather than just posting it to the internet. Another reason: without social media, my choices of distractions are limited. This helps me in so many ways. For one, if I pick up my phone while I’m supposed to be doing homework, there’s only so many things I can get distracted with before going back to work, but then in other situations like watching a boring movie with my family, since I don’t have the endless scrolling machine of social media, it forces me to be present, and maybe the awful movie is not that bad. Lastly, social media can get really toxic really fast, I believe that honestly my mental health is better without it. It keeps things real for me, and I know that for me as a person, I am better off without. Thanks for reading through!
  16. Ooh, shapeshifting, talking to animals, plant control or maybe breathing underwater!
  17. Uh yeah I see. Well, this book might take a while to upload. I put a TW on the first chapter.
  18. Okay, so this is not technically a recipe of mine, but it’s part of this site written by one of my aunts. It’s a chimichanga recipe, SO GOOD. https://www.mycookingjourney.com/vegetarian-chimichangas-black-bean/
  19. That’s the part I live though. Though I guess it’s not for everyone.
  20. Maybe sometime! The blog function is doing a weird thing where my post needs to be approved and I’m not quite sure why, but yeah.
  21. hello! What kind of music do you like to listen to? I like alternative, a little indie and a lot of j-pop.
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