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    Bisexual contemplating if I’m fully gay or not bored so just talk to me 🥺🥺
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  1. No mum doesn’t like my style now as I’m not girly enough like yesterday we went shopping I found these cheap shoes that look like doc martens like black lace up ankle high boots but I tried them on and she made me feel really bad about wanting a pair however I wanted a pair for ages not sure if I just try and find a pair online and just buy them anyway ? Xx
  2. If I’m honest I have no clue what to say without pushing her away or sounding like a jerk ?
  3. I’m not sure I’ve got one outfit and it’s really hippie it’s really baggy ripped cuffed jeans and a really baggy tie dye T-shirt and I’m so comfortable I feel like myself but that’s the only thing that I have but then I always wear my hair up in a bun and no makeup mum says I don’t look girly enough but I love it xx
  4. She’s told me when we meet next week she will wear the set and show me xx
  5. I’m not sure I’m so confused it’s like she’s giving me mixed signals x
  6. Yeah probably but today she went and brought some underwear and she’s been explaining it to me in lots of detail and how it feels Cx
  7. I’m trying to be myself but in my style I feel like I’m not true to myself it’s hard to explain xx
  8. Do u mean mentioning boys to hint about her feelings for me? I might just gently ask her xx
  9. I saw her today I was talking about getting a girlfriend telling her she was my first crush and just letting her know I’m interested however she kept talking to me about s*x with boys asking me stuff cause she’s a virgin and I have experience and I’m the only one that she thinks she can talk to about it which makes me feel special and sorry for the crude info but she said when I was talking to her about it I made her w*t which was exciting would I just ask her out right if she would ever get with a girl? Cx
  10. I want a girlfriend So badly and cause I don’t look gay it seems no one takes any notice of me xx
  11. So my friend is straight and I have a lot of feelings for her we secretly experimented about 3 years ago and I loved it I can’t get it out of my head she must of been a bit curious and saw something in me right? I’ve known her for 5 year and since the day I met her I’ve wanted to be her/ be with her she talks about this boy who she has a crush on but he’s using her I want her so badly she puts a smile on my face about a month ago I just stopped talking to her as it was starting to hurt me but now we’re talking again and I’m seeing her tomorrow first time in a month! And even when we weren’t talking she was always in my head everything reminded me of her I don’t know what to do help me sorry for long paragraph just needed to tell someone please help me?!!
  12. I’m gay but I look straight all the time I’m starting to cuff my jeans and everything but I still look straight and I hate it. Any advice? Xx
  13. Yubo is good for making friends you may get a few people onthere saying they wanna date and stuff but you can put as much or as little information on there you want I’ve used it for years and the friends I’ve made are amazing xx
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