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    Bisexual contemplating if I’m fully gay or not bored so just talk to me 🥺🥺
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    She/ her/ they

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  1. Try Anne Marie, avicci, little mix or bastille. Pink is really good for low mood always boosts me up xx
  2. Do u like girl singers boy singers or girl or boy bands? Xx
  3. Omg I was literally the same time when I was you age it’s so confusing if you have any certain questions let me know and I shall do my best to answer them. I’m labelled bisexual now at age 16 however not sure if I’m fully lesbian xx
  4. Preferably between the age of 16-18. Femme or stud or both really don’t mind I’m a bit of both however mostly femme. Preferably in ************* or on the outskirts. I’m labelled as bi atm but thinking I’m fully lesbian. Just chat and ask questions or anything get to know each otherxx
  5. I’m not sure how to private message on here maybe you try? Thank you xxx
  6. I just need to work on my self esteem and I don’t know how I just want a girl to look at me and go omg she’s stunning which is what I do to most girls xx
  7. Omg a labradoodle there so cute I love the little memory you have of her it’s so sweet xxxx
  8. I used to think I was gorgeous I was always skinny and tall now I’m just fat and tall. I’ve been through some really rough relationships like unbelievable things that these boy did might of effected it that’s the only thing I can think of. The girls I’ve been with are lovely cx
  9. I’ll have to listen to some of those songs. Glad u had a nice dream hope u had fun in it. that poor dog how old and what breed was the dog? Big dogs are the best xxx
  10. I’ll try it out thank you as a beauty therapist it might feel like I’m just working tho as do this on a day to day basis on others and do it to myself every other day so I think it might feel too normal xx
  11. For about 2 years but I’m starting to accept that I’ll always be ugly.
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