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  1. Halloween one time I’m not judged for dressing like a fantasy character in public
  2. No but I wish I could have kept him and I hope he is doing good but we are having a could snap right now… so I don’t know
  3. Well it’s uncommon to have worked with reptiles as long as I have and not get musked on, and the crazy little snake musked on me for the first time I was musked on
  4. I walk out of my last hour ( math ) and see a GARDER SNAKE in the hall!!!! So then I and one other student catch it ( in the process one jerk intentionally steps on its head) and we get it into a bucket I take it out side and stay near it until it gets over it’s shock and slithers into a bush but in the process I lost something I was proud of, I was musked on for the first time
  5. well I used to feel like that at youth group but some really rude things were said last night directed at my partner, two of our freinds and I that had my partner in tears
  6. during the play becuse all of the other kids do it for fall sport credit but I do it becuse I love to do it and end up careing the whole play
  7. Ok I will see what I can do
  8. Tired? It might be because I just woke up but I am not understanding
  9. From the same company and along the note of some violence is Skyrim but instead of guns you get to use bows and swords and magic and has a great story line you get to fight dragons and bandits and you get to help, or hurt almost every NPC and most of the time you can choose to hurt or help them, but beware it is a bit of an older game as it came out in 2011 but it has been remastered and released a few different time ( like upcoming in November for the anniversary addition ) and if you want to make it smoother there are tons of mods that do that!!!! If you can’t tell I am a major Skyrim fan I can speak some of the dragon language sing the title song in the dragon language have the entire three hour sound track on my phone and a Skyrim map hanging in my bedroom I have also beat the game three times ( and that’s just counting beating the main story line I have beat all of the other stories many more times than that ) so if you do decide to play it I can help out
  10. I don’t know but I am already treated as an outcast for the other things I love ( reptiles books fantasy ) that I am scared to say anything else about me
  11. Yes and should be getting a grave stone soon
  12. A good website is Kleki it’s free to use
  13. I just took a break and switched from drawing to sculpting for a little while and started reading some new books and watching some new shows until I found inspiration ( I do a lot of D&D characters now )
  14. Well @quintus1 the question is are dinosaurs reptiles or are they birds as I believe that all of the dinosaurs that are not birds or the non avian dinosaurs went extinct but the avian dinosaurs the ones that were warm blooded did not
  15. I come from a very Republican city that as a whole is not very supportive and that is having an increasing crime rate so I get nervous if the topic is brought up in public
  16. We had held a funeral Sunday and later him to rest under a tree
  17. I do some digital yes and I just use my school Crome book
  18. do you remember my rat Duckin? about a week ago he injured in leg so I had to seperat him from patch and midnight, and sunday mornigh he passed away from his injury I wanted to post something sooner but i had to calm down about it first.
  19. it is a pleaser to meet you
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