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  1. You can call me MaybeBaby (the first nicknames that came to my head while signing up) I am so happy that I have found this community because I am a bit afraid to talk about my orientation with my friends. Really hope that it will become my safe space I’ve been always thinking about my sexuality mostly about my attraction to girls. Is it only about having sex with them or I am appealed to them romantically? It all started when I was 16. I have met a girl who’ve become my best friend. We were roommates, groupmates that is why we were always together. I haven’t had such a friendship before meeting her and I was extremely happy when our friendship started. I got jealous when she started dating guys. I was always against them. I understand now that I was such a toxic person when I reacted like that. The thing that makes me doubt my heterosexuality is that sometimes when I look at her I have a strong desire to kiss her. It frightens me because if I will try to do that she won’t understand and our friendship might end. Both of us have boyfriends. I really love my boyfriend and I am sexually attracted to him. I kissed a girl before but I haven’t had an emotional or romantic connection to her so it was such a strange experience for me. I understand, that process of identifying your orientation is individual. Despite this, I really want to get to know stories of people who passed this journey. Sending love and support to everyone in this community
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