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    I’m bisexual. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
    British πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
    I love reading and music. πŸ“– 🎢
    I love all animals especially Koalas 🐨 🐾
    I’m am here to make friends and get support πŸ‘πŸ»
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    Bisexual girl

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  1. Hi I’m bisexual. I created this group for anyone who is bisexual and we can talk about anything. Koala girl
  2. Hi I really need to tell my Dad that am bisexual but have no idea how to. I also want to tell my friends. But where and how? Can you help?
  3. Hi Saski i am bisexual but I don’t know how to tell my Dad or friends. Can you help out?
  4. Koala girl


    Hi lost girl. I’m new here too and only joined a few minutes ago. I can get self conscious about my looks too. I am looking for friends and support too and hope you find Ditch the label help ful.
  5. Try your best to ignore him but I know that is easier said than done. And don’t feel afraid to stand your ground if you want to because no one can say horrible things about your sexuality.
  6. Is there anything you need help with on being bullied as I used to be bullied and could have some advice to help you?
  7. He has never said anything bad about LGBTQ+ people. I think he is ok with this kind of thing but I don’t really know.
  8. Well, I don’t know how my Dad will react and I really don’t know how to tell him that I’m bi.
  9. Cool. I need help to tell my Dad too. What did you find helpful?
  10. I joined here because I’m bi. What about you? (But don’t share if it is too upsetting for you, I don’t mind)
  11. Cool. I am finding it good since I started.
  12. How are you finding Ditch the Label ?
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