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    Hello fellow peeps
    I am on here because I am Bisexual and like to talk to people and help them get through tough times when I can.
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  1. Awesome! Are you watching the taekwondo in the olympics? I really want to do digital art but can never get into it, could you suggest programs you use or tips in general?
  2. Cool! I am going to my grandparents house for the weekend so i wont be able to talk for a while but when i come back i will have one of the oldest and best lego sets with me as it was my dads and my grandparents still have all his lego! Will speak when i get back
  3. OMG EXACTLY WHAT I IMAGINED IT TO BE AND ITS YELLOW AAAASDFGFGBHNJ tysm!!!!!!!!!! this lil dude (i am calling him Raffles after my minecraft axolotl) will have lots of adventures with my character!!!! wait I just had an idea what if the geckolotl could bend elements aswell and each one had a different colour depending on what they bend and then you could have a little friend that helps you omg I am in love with this animal just as much as the turtle duck!
  4. duh avatar is the best!!!!! Iroh and toph are legends though My best friend thinks toph is spelled 'toff' so he is an idiot also he didnt cry during tales of iroh my man has no soul
  5. I am doing great so far! I just finished competing in an online competition for speedcubing and improved my time a lot so that was fun! tho i am going to be stuck in my room for most of the day as my sister has a friend coming over but i am just going to watch Avatar lol
  6. ty! this is so cool and its also useful for you when you get artists block because you can ask others for ideas!
  7. Hey @Saphira! I can tell you like drawing magical creatures so I have a challenge for you! Could you draw a combination of an Axolotl and a gecko? This sounds very strange but I have an ATLA (Avatar the last airbender) character and he has this thing as a pet since in avatar all the animals are a combination of 2 animals Also I call it a Geckolotl if you were wondering
  8. hey poosheen! I can talk and also I like everything you just listed lol!
  9. K i gtg to bed now see you peeps later i should make my own picrew why donI get good ideas when i need to sleep
  10. Oh I am going to draw a picture of them in their sanctuary to commemorate their well lived lives! Lottie was yellow, raffles was cyan and pepper was pink btw
  11. I cant figure out how to send it and accidentally added a spoiler
  12. Yes they were very cute I made a sanctuary for them but they are gone now Also I made me using yours @Foggy_the_enby
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