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    Why is Lego so much less creative now... BRING BACK CLASSIC SPACE!!!!!!!
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    Hello fellow peeps
    I am on here because I am Bisexual and like to talk to people and help them get through tough times when I can.
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  1. MoonieOwl

    Owl House

    No but my friend told me about it an hour ago lol!
  2. Wow thats awesome!
  3. Cool @Daisie! Soup is yummy but in my opinion Pasta and pesto is the best meal ever I am also currently into lego specifically the old space sets from the 70's and 80's as they are the best! I have a group of the spaceman figures but imma make some robot friends for them or just other characters and im gonna name them after you guys
  4. MoonieOwl

    New name

    Ok I thought a bit about a name for fun and whenever I make OC's I am always drawn to the name Tao so ig that maybe???????? I can try it out for a bit and see if i like the idea of multiple names!
  5. When u find something to draw on could you draw anything related to the classic lego space sets from 1970's cause they are the best and im in a spacey mod rn
  6. *evil villain laugh* You saying that reminded me of a scene in the show Friends when 2 of them both ask out the same girl and then their friend figures out and helps them figure out
  7. MoonieOwl

    New name

    Dewer is a cool and interesting name Dewer! Love the idea of having multiple names, idk if i'd do it personally but I could think of names other than Max!
  8. Omg I want to do that aswell! A while ago I went to my grandparents and got all the old lego from my dad and his brothers when they were younger and only just finished colour coding it into piles on my floor and I am going to build all the old sets already done the galaxy explorer!!! K gtg to sleep peace
  9. Thats why I didnt add those colours so people can say there fave shade or multiple colours in the comments!
  10. I love music too Im listening rn lol I like sci-fi and fantasy-ish stuff and whatever Avatar fits in to What kind kf music do you like @cloudzs? Also who likes lego my floor is covered in it rn
  11. Nice! I created an animal for it called a Geckolotl (gecko and axolotl) which you can see on @Saphira's blog as she drew it!
  12. Awesome! I like making stories as well thats why I hated english lessons this year as all we did was analysis of others work aaaarrrggghh
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