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  1. I know that being yourself and your sexuality can be hard in religions but that doesn't change who you are tell your parents (when you're ready) and please don't care about what people think or say about live your life the way you want and do what makes you happy
  2. I know I can't come out but I feel so happy to finally know who I am. But I can't deny the fact things are really hard for me nobody to talk, can you help me?
  3. Nimoa


    I sent you dms
  4. Nimoa


    I live in Somalia (Africa) we live together and we tell people that we are bfs. Homosexuality and bisexuality is so dead wrong they say but we don't about them we let them think of us what they want but the moment when we are with each other it is so magical and it is so worth it
  5. Nimoa


    You're welcome. Talking about my experience in my country no one has come out so it was really scary for us ( me and my girlfriend ) even now nobody knows that we are dating.moreover I didn't have anyone to talk to them we met each other we became friends we talked about love then boom we fell in love with others for 2 yrs so the best is yet to come be happy
  6. Nimoa


    Me too,but if you're not sure that you are bi take some time and think about it,when you're completely sure or ready tell him.And if not him first tell someone you are very close and you trust. Take some time and explore yourself whatever you find out about yourself make sure it makes you happy. Wish you the best
  7. I live in a very traditional country in Africa it is so hard to come out from when I was 8 years old up to today (16 yrs old) I have been crushing over men and women but I have been dating only boys but for like the past 2 months I was crushing hard over this girl and I think she likes me too sadly we can't be with each other or at least tell each other there is no nobody to talk to.can you help me with some advice
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