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  1. Cool!! Maybe we'll see each other in the comment section one day haha
  2. My fav YouTube is probably gloom, or Kurtis Conner lol
  3. Im doing good!
  4. A *lot* of it is toxic, but you know you've got to try to kind of steer clear. I think there's always a bad part. Sometimes I do have to get off cause of it, but there are really caring and funny people too I guess.
  5. Hey, im new here. So here's some stuff about me My names India and I'm 12 (please don't be rude lol) pretty sure I'm omni. Likes are tv, yt, movies, food, games, drawing n stuff. Dislikes are rude people, argument starters, and yeah. Some of my favorite games are sally face, life is strange, Emily is here, and little miss fortune. My comfort movie is probably coraline, and comfort tv show is KC undercover, (love zendaya and the show still holds up, yk?) And wandavision. Anyways that's about it. Have a nice night
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