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  1. @MoonieOwl Oh cool! I love music! @-echo- I like art, painting, cooking, baking, and i play a few instruments (bass, ukulele, guitar, keyboard/piano, and violin).
  2. hey, if any of you want to, can you fill out this form? It'll help me greatly. Thanks, have a good day. https://forms.gle/z5ZMctQZh6LxYErW6
  3. @-echo- Okay! What kind of interests or hobbies do you have?
  4. i've been very boredddd and i kinda just wanna talk to someone :v thanks.
  5. Jamesssss


    @Monsoon Yeah, i've thought about it alot. It's kinda hard to talk about why, but it's mostly just family.
  6. Jamesssss


    okay, my friend Cameron was like "i know you're depressed. you act so happy around everyone, but i know that at home you have suicidal thoughts alot". and i was like "wha- who told you???" AND I KID YOU NOT, HE SAID, "god". i'm confused now wait isnt being trans a sin AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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    Sooooooooooooo Technically, i'm a guy now.... my boyfriend is gay lol
  8. @Monsoon I really dont know...
  9. Jamesssss


    @Monsoon No, i havent. i hoping to do that next year
  10. Jamesssss


    So, alot of you know that i'm trans, and i've been thinking... what if i changed my name to James? James is quite similar to my birthname, Jade. Jade was always a name that was too feminine for me, so i think James fits me alot better. I don't think i'm legally aloud to change my name (cause im 14 lol), so i thik imma just start introducing myself to new people as James. Give me your thoughts :V
  11. @Monsoon I'm feeling pretty good. Identifying as a male makes me feel alot better about myself and who i am. And yes there is... i dont really know why though.
  12. @Monsoon Yeah, but she doesnt quite understand, so i have to keep explaining. Which is fine, she'll get it eventually!
  13. I recently bought an eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, and mascara. I dont want my money to go to waste, and i kinda dont want to return the stuff. Is it okay for me to be mtf, and still wear makeup?
  14. @Monsoon Okay! Pansexuality is where you like all genders, and find them all attractive. Bisexuality is where you only find men and women attractive.
  15. Jamesssss


    @Monsoon It's quite alright, past is past, and i've moved on. I'm feeling okay. Homeschool is alot more stressful, but i guess that's fine. And yes, i would like to go to public school again. Thanks
  16. Hey everyone. It's Jade. In one of my posts, i said i felt like i was genderfluid. Well, maybe i'm not. I feel more like a demi-boy tbh. I cross-dress alot, and feeling like a man makes me really happy. I don't know if this is a phase, but i would just like someone to talk to about it. Thanks Have a great day!
  17. Jamesssss


    I started school yesterday. I've been in homeschool for 3 years now... and i hate it. The only reason i wanted to get away from public school was because people bullied me for being weird and different. Honestly, homeschool sucks. You never get to socialize with anyone. The only time i get to socialize is when i'm at church on Wednesdays and Sundays. My parents dont want me in public school, be cause of sex-ed. Honestly, i dont mind Sex-Ed. I already know alot about sex, female and male genitalia, etc. They didn't really know that California requires that, so even in homeschool, i still have to learn it.
  18. Jamesssss

    Welcome :)

    Hi! I've been thinking on if i should start a blog, so here i am! I'll mostly be talking about my daily life (kinda like a public diary?) I hope you all enjoy Oh! And if you want to, you all can give me some suggestions on what to write about!
  19. Coming out takes along time (for me it took 2 years). You can just make hints towards it, or just tell them completely. I've been giving my dad little hints that im Pan, and it's been working quite a bit!
  20. No, not really. She only believes there's two genders. I'm good! How are you?
  21. There's such thing as being Bisexual, and having a preference for a certain gender. You may also just be Bicurious.
  22. Well, It went well, but i had to explain how pansexuality and bisexuality are two different things lol.
  23. I feel alot better about myself away form social media, to be honest. Not as much stress And i'm feeling great! I told my mom this morning, and i did have to explain what pansexuality is, but i'm happy i came out.
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