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    Hi! Welcome to my profile! My name is Jade, but i go by James! I'm a trans (ftm) pansexual.
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  1. @MoonieOwl Oh cool! I love music! @-echo- I like art, painting, cooking, baking, and i play a few instruments (bass, ukulele, guitar, keyboard/piano, and violin).
  2. hey, if any of you want to, can you fill out this form? It'll help me greatly. Thanks, have a good day. https://forms.gle/z5ZMctQZh6LxYErW6
  3. @-echo- Okay! What kind of interests or hobbies do you have?
  4. i've been very boredddd and i kinda just wanna talk to someone :v thanks.
  5. Jamesssss


    @Monsoon Yeah, i've thought about it alot. It's kinda hard to talk about why, but it's mostly just family.
  6. Jamesssss


    This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Suicide
  7. Jamesssss


    Sooooooooooooo Technically, i'm a guy now.... my boyfriend is gay lol
  8. @Monsoon I really dont know...
  9. Jamesssss


    @Monsoon No, i havent. i hoping to do that next year
  10. Jamesssss


    So, alot of you know that i'm trans, and i've been thinking... what if i changed my name to James? James is quite similar to my birthname, Jade. Jade was always a name that was too feminine for me, so i think James fits me alot better. I don't think i'm legally aloud to change my name (cause im 14 lol), so i thik imma just start introducing myself to new people as James. Give me your thoughts :V
  11. @Monsoon I'm feeling pretty good. Identifying as a male makes me feel alot better about myself and who i am. And yes there is... i dont really know why though.
  12. @Monsoon Yeah, but she doesnt quite understand, so i have to keep explaining. Which is fine, she'll get it eventually!
  13. I recently bought an eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, and mascara. I dont want my money to go to waste, and i kinda dont want to return the stuff. Is it okay for me to be mtf, and still wear makeup?
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