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  1. it felt great to focus on the good instead of the bad
  2. ok i like my hair, smile, lips, body
  3. i think ill try to live by your motto but im starting to feel better about my self and i wrote a list of the things i like about my self that also helped
  4. yes i do think they will pass and what you said is true now that i look back its more like self doubt
  5. its been like this for like the past 4 days and it started when i saw like everyone around me and felt like they were prettier and i also feel like everyone loves everyone but me they just say it not to be rude
  6. hi im 14 and feel like everyone is so much prettier than me and i would rather be anyoune else. Everyone at my school is so pretty and then there's me i hate to sound like this but i just need help with my self-esteem
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