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    They are not even asking for money they just want to demolish my spirit and embarrass me for no reason.
  2. gnjeri


    Hello guys am grace and I need your help I have a friend who is blackmailing me to send my nude to all my Facebook friend and I really feel broken inside. She doesn't even understand I have family there. She just want to destroy me and this is so sad please help. I just deactivated my fb page due to stress. And am afraid she has already shared or she will share please help.
  3. gnjeri

    just for fun

    hey guys, so how do one deal with baby daddies yet you have feelings towards him but you want to move on.
  4. sure i will bring my updates
  5. wow those are really some cool tips to make friends for sure i loved the article hope to use some of the tips
  6. am going to work as a househelp
  7. ok ,lemme read will bring my feedback
  8. wow thats a great idea i will appreciate your tip
  9. thank you so much for the response i just think they just assume as not being part of their class level and that make me sad nd them making new friends leaving me all alone isn't good i think i try to make friends but they don't last in my life just lemme say seasonal friends but i just need friends who will stic with me you get it?
  10. aw the positives are many i will be able to provide for my family adventure financial stability i think weighing on to positivity am will be going ☺
  11. hey guys i am very sad that i don't have any friends in my life any friend i make always turn their back on me on my t imes of need i feel very saddened about this. i feel like am all alone
  12. gnjeri


    anytime dear just experiment your body and all will be fine
  13. gnjeri


    honey its a free world just to experiment it out with open minded people you will get your satisfaction somehow.
  14. gnjeri


    hey grace so how do you feel ? like r u attracted to females or males? or you just don't understand your attraction?
  15. gnjeri


    thank you so much for the welcome things on my side aint that bad i thank God
  16. gnjeri


    hey to thanks for the welcome my week has been great and yours?
  17. thank you so much i also think the same life is so short
  18. my super confused since on one side i vision that when i go am gonna be really helping my family but am just having some doubts you know
  19. am a single mom of a 3yrs old girl and i really want to work overseas should i go or not?
  20. gnjeri


    Hey guys am new here any welcome?
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