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  1. OHHH trick I think ¬¬
  2. i just want it to be xmas already eheeeeee
  3. kqfellasfan


    I love sword art online at the moment! S1 was so cool
  4. mine dont. i dont think i will tell them but if i did, i dont think they would realy care much! this is a nice place to check up on
  5. yeah sometimes we just need a day to break the cycle, but sometimes we have friends who wont support us as much as we support them. i had a friend who didn't like the art i was making much and so i just stopped telling them. i found other friends who always support me and while im still friend with the first friend, its not as deep as it used to be which is a shame. Ssomebody once told me that friends come and go, sometimes they are perfect for a certain time, they drop off and maybe theyll come back in the furture. hope you keep looking after yourself!
  6. heya!! Im goood thank you, how are u today? I actually dont like the sunshine very much so im hoping it rains soon haha! i get too hot
  7. kqfellasfan


    hiii gauguin! i felt confused for ages too, but im just taking my time as things can change loads in the future!
  8. omg it has to be wave by ateez <3
  9. Yesterday was nearly 6 hours, although a lot of that was me learning about stuff so thats pretty good i think!
  10. I always found instagram way more toxic than tiktok but i guess it is the content you see on there? people just seem angrier on instagram?
  11. Who is your favourite musical artist? I looove kpop at the moment
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