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  1. Idrk. I’m honestly just happy to see what happens and then go on from that.
  2. Not really sure tbh. Don’t think either of us are particularly interested in a relationship as such, so idk where it’ll go.
  3. Thanks so much xx. so I told her and it didn’t go as badly as I expected! at first she was sort of in denial that I liked her (she’s got quite low self esteem) but then I asked her who her crush was and she said that she did like me after all. She has days when she’s kind of emotionally numb, and others when she isn’t, and today she wasn’t really feeling much (I probably didn’t pick the best time to tell her) but she said that a few days ago when she was feeling a bit better she did like me. sorry I didn’t explain that well, it’s quite hard to put it into words. but anyway, I’m not really sure where things will go with us, and if she’ll even still like me in a few days, but I think at least its so nice to know that the feeling was mutual, and I haven’t messed up our friendship. thanks so much for all the help guys
  4. Yeah that’s what I thought. We’re both not great at confrontation so don’t think she will. ill probably tell her today
  5. Annoyingly she already knows that it’s someone in our friend group so don’t really think that would work : ( Thanks though.
  6. Yeah maybe. I talked to her earlier today and she said if I tell her my crush then she’d tell me hers, but I’m not really sure what to do. I’d have to tell her that I like her, and I mean if she likes me back then that would be great but otherwise I’m worried that it would ruin our friendship. What should I do?
  7. Not really sure- this is her first crush. I guess the thing that makes me hopeful is that whenever I ask her something like a distinguishing feature, like hair colour or something she doesn’t answer, but if it’s something a bit more vague she’ll happily talk about it.
  8. I think she might have been indirectly trying to tell me, but I’m not really sure whether to trust my judgement on this one though. @Music_Geek_23 I really like the truth or dare idea, I’ll probably try that. Thanks so much for the idea xx
  9. Hello again! I am now out as bi to most of my friends and all of my direct family, which feels great. I’ve also started attending my school’s LGBTQ+ club, which I’m loving! anyway, you may remember from an earlier post that I have a massive crush on one of my best friends (probably for about a year now?) and earlier today she told me that she has a crush on someone. I’ve been refraining from mentioning any feelings I’ve had for her because she said that she didn’t really have a crush on someone or want to be in a relationship, though now she’s told me that she thinks that she likes someone in our friend group. is it possible that she likes me? idk if I’m just being hopeful or if there’s a genuine possibility, but do you think there’s any way that I could discreetly ask for more details without seeming intrusive or giving away that I like her? Thanks for reading xx I’d really appreciate some help with this.
  10. hey, sorry i havent been online in a while. a couple of days ago I came out to another of my friends, and signed up to my school's lgbt society! i ended up getting a pride badge, and i'm not really hiding my sexuality anymore- if someone notices, then fine by me. there are still a few friends who i havent come out to yet because i'm not sure how they'll react, but i think that i'll tell them soon, as well as most of my family. thanks so much for all the help here xx
  11. Yeah sure. A lot of them had to do with pride flags and colours (which worked for all my friends who know about those), for example I often put in my bio for socials, also just generally casually bringing stuff up about lgbtq+ in conversation. If I’m talking with my friends about crushes and stuff, i generally won’t specify gender etc. I was also thinking of getting a pride pin or something similar. Hope this helps people! (btw if the emojis don’t show up on some devices they’re hearts in bi pride colours)
  12. I think I’ll probably come out to a few more of my friends, maybe get a pride pin or something. I’ve been dropping a few hints, and that’s really helped me with coming out to people because often it means that they already sort of know, and I find it takes some of the pressure off. For example, my home screen is a subtle bi flag, which my best friend noticed (among other things) so it was very easy to come out to her.
  13. That sounds great, thank you so much for all the help. I really feel a lot better now I’ve told some people, I guess because I don’t have to be hiding a bit part of me from them anymore.
  14. hey, thanks so much for the reply. i've only really come out to people who i thought would be fine with it (my mum and a few friends) and they were all really accepting. one of my friends is also gay, so i think that it was a lot easier to talk to her about it. i think that demisexual describes my attraction to guys really well, although im not sure if im the same way with other girls- i don't seem to feel like i need to know the person well to have a crush on them, but i do for guys. is that a thing?
  15. hey, im back! i came out to a few friends and family, but i was wondering if i could have some help with labelling? i definitely feel attracted to both girls and guys, but i don't find guys attractive unless i already know them/ am friends with them. basically, i just dont find guys hot, but i do still develop crushes on guys who ive known for a while. a couple of my straight friends (who im out to as bi) keep asking me why dont think x boy is hot and thinking that im not actually bisexual im just gay but not ready to come to terms with it, and i have to explain to them that i do feel attraction towards men, just not because they are 'hot'. i was just wondering if there was a more specific label i could use? im tired of everyone just disregarding my sexuality just because im not your typical 50/50 bisexual. sorry if thats hard to understand im not really great with explaining
  16. hey, sorry ive been offline for ages, thanks so much! i think i just keep making excuses for myself, as i said abt the statistics in the original post, i just feel like it is unlikely that i would be queer and therefore i keep trying to convince myself that i am not. tbh, the label bisexual just kinda feels right, and i do think that it applies to me, so i've started coming out online and stuff, and i think i might also tell my best friend (shes also questioning and ik she wont judge me). thanks so much for the help, its really nice to know that im not the only one feeling like this. xx
  17. So, I’ve been questioning my sexuality for quite a long time, but whenever I think that I’ve finally figured myself out I just keep going back on myself, and I’m honestly not sure what to think any more. when I look at the statistics, they say that the odds of being lgbt are low. And I know that these statistics are in no way accurate, because that data just isn’t available and can totally depend on other circumstances, but they still make me think that I’m probably not really lgbt, and I’m just trying to get myself to think that I am. so far, I’ve been out with one boy, who I was already close friends with, and at the time I think that I was attracted to him. But looking back on it, I can’t tell if I really was romantically attracted to him, or if our relationship was totally platonic. We did kiss a couple of times, but it was never like making out or anything. I’ve also had numerous crushes on other girls, in particular one on my best friend which stuck around for ages. I often found myself wanting to kiss her etc. But again, the only girls who I’ve ever thought were hot or was attracted to are ones who I already know, again making me think that I might just be very close with them and not actually like them in that way. anyway, because almost everyone who I’ve ever felt attracted to has been someone who I already know, I keep second guessing whether my attraction is valid or not. Rn, i guess I think of myself as being bi (possibly lesbian leaning if that’s a thing?) but I still can’t even figure out my attractions to any gender. in terms of context I’m a 13 y/o female sorry about the long post, but thanks for reading I will really appreciate any help xx
  18. That’s amazing! If u don’t mind me asking, how long do you think you’ve known that ur bi before coming out? It’s totally ok if u don’t want to answer I’m just a bit confused myself
  19. @Monsoon @Blondie just wondering, is what I said actually a thing? Like, having different attractions to guys and girls. I’m still pretty new to this, and honestly I don’t know what to think about it.
  20. Thanks, in that case I think that I am probably attracted to girls. And honestly, bi just feels right to me. I think I need to stop waiting until I’m 100% sure, because I’ll never be able to. Anyway, thank you so much, I really appreciate all your help.
  21. Sort of yeah. The thing is, I’m not really sure who I’m attracted to because I don’t know what attraction feels like. I’m not really sure what to do tho, because I don’t really know how to figure that out.
  22. So, I’m back. I think that I’ve sort of figured myself out, but I still have quite a few doubts. Basically, I’m a 13 y/o girl and I think that I am bisexual, but I have different sorts of attraction towards different genders. I find that I am only physically attracted to girls, but could be emotionally attracted to any gender? Is that a thing? I dated a guy once, and I think that I genuinely liked him, but I don’t think I found him ‘attractive’ as such. I’ve never been with any other gender, but I have had numerous crushes on females, and often I find that my heart beats faster and I get butterflies when I see girls that are really hot. I think that that’s attraction, but I’m not really sure, because I’ve never been attracted to anyone before (physically at least). I keep asking myself if I am actually attracted to girls, because I’m just not sure. I can’t tell if I am attracted, or if I’m just noticing that they’re hot/ am a bit envious of them (I’m not particularly happy with my body anyway so I sometimes wonder if I’m just jealous?) I think that I do like girls, but because I’ve never properly experienced attraction, I don’t know what that feels like. and then on the complete other end of the scale, I wonder if I even like guys? Rn, I think that I’m just emotionally attracted to them (if that’s even a thing?) but I sometimes think that I’m just refusing to believe that I don’t like guys, because I’ve been brought up in a heteronormative society. anyway, sorry about the long rant and thanks for reading if u did. I’d really appreciate any help with this thanks
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