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  1. I think we'll be fine, itll wok out one way or another. Plus, theres another girl who is actually telling her shes mean, which she is refusing to accept for now, but i think shell come to that point. Thanks for the concern though
  2. Oh well its been cancelled anyway . I don't think the teachers realise she's doing this. The time I told you about, telling the girl or her family hates her, the teacher... well he's a sports teacher , he actually used to be a professional footballer for a very small team, and his experience as a teacher is the worst. So he was supervising break when it happened and really just said "Put yourself in come one else's shoes" and left. The teachers also quiet bad for the other teachers, as he cannot be bothered to supervise the whole break and finishes 20 min early, taking away our break and the other teachers break. Anyways back to the girl, She doesn't realise she's doing it , although we have told her many times, she keeps refusing to accept the fact. Il just see what happens next with her.
  3. To be honest she just stopped with me to proceed to do it with others. She's actually getting more bad, if that makes sense. The other day in the play ground she said to another girl that all her family hate her, which made the girl cry. she's nice on her good side. Its just sh'es very bad on her bad side. My tips would be: Talk about how annoying it is to your friends (or some one else that can relate to it) Or post in the rant box. I didn't but I did rant to my friends (maybe a bit to much lol) Use my friends tequenique for whenever some ones being annoying. 1. "hey that's not nice" 2. if they do it again "I'm going to tell on you if you d this again "3. if they countinue STILL*tells on them* Hope this helps
  4. Going on an overnight trip to this activity place. Was supposed to go with school, but then covid came. A few parents planned to do it in the summer holidays and there are only four people in a dorm and there are only 4 girls in the trip. So OBVIOUSLY we go into the same dorm
  5. Oh, I know the drill. There's one who did that to me for a while but then she stopped. I'm trying to get in her good side because I'm going to be sleeping in the same room as her for three nights.
  6. Mmmmm..... to be honest think I had the opposite, went on a school trip today. What went wrong?
  7. Ines

    Fave colour???

    My favourite colour is Purple, followed by black, followed by pink.
  8. Hi I'l come and talk after I finish my homework. VERY BORING HOME WORK although helpfull.
  9. Ines


    Oh ok. Thanks for letting me know. Do you know what it was before it got deleted?
  10. and ate the garnets.
  11. hmm.. like 2 hours per day. It was worse with like 10 hours in deep lockdown. I dont consider what englad is in right now *lockown*
  12. Ines


    Not really similar. Roblox is a game with a lot of games inside it, for example like i put on the poll, there are games such as obbys "obstacle courses" tycoons "where you make something like a mall or a shop" or rp games where you pretend to be something (such as a family or a criminal). Minecraft, although full of detail, doesn't have such variety
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