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  1. Ok. Dog as favourite, least favourite would be cats. Mythological does Dobby from Harry Potter count?
  2. What are your thoughts about boundaries with parents and other senior family members?
  3. Hi Holly, a question for you and Jacob tbh. What do you both think is the secret to a healthy relationship and making it last?
  4. I don’t usually like getting involved but I feel bad knowing that my friend is bitching about my other friend behind his back and then being nice to his face? Should I tell him? It’s really stressing me out
  5. Omg I’ve done that before too, actually mind blowing
  6. What's it like writing a book? and how long did it take?
  7. That it isn't all about followers and some of the people with the most followers spend the most time online and the least time with people in person and probably the loneliest ://
  8. Just seems that whenever I open TikTok I'm sucked in and before I know it, it's like 3 hours have just vanished and I end up coming away feeling really low. Like the comment sections seem to be so toxic, I've seen so many people get death threats and literally the worst kinds of abuse. Just makes me wonder if it's actually good for me to be on there or not? I did post a video once and it ended up on the fyp and I started to get a bit of abuse so I just deleted it straight away. Like I do find some of the content funny but it just gets spoiled by toxic people. Am I the only one that thinks this?
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