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    I strugle with selective mutism, social anxiety and anxiety in general. I also have low self-esteem, trust - and abandonment issues so making friends or having any kind of communication is extremely hard for me. I joined this community in hopes that i'll find help to move forward and find myself.
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  1. Thanks! To be honest, sharing something for the first time in a new community is a lot easier for me than doing it a second or a third time. Even answering to someone makes me extremly nervous and feeling awkward. Taking this step makes me feel very nervous and scared, but also a bit excited.
  2. Sorry about the the title, but writing hi, hello or anything like that seems boring and repetitive and i'm also being honest here so... Hi! As you can guess, my username have nothing to do with my actual name. I'm 24 years old with selective mutism, social anxiety and anxiety in general. I also strugle with low self-esteem, trust- and abandonment issues and depression. Because of these (and the years of constant bullying that caused most of them), i have a very hard time socializing in any form, which i'm tired of and want to change amongst many other things. I've already got a vague plan of what i want to change and how to do it and also took steps towards the first course of action, which is ease my general anxiety. Actually i found this site during my research on that and thought - 'Ah! Why not?' - so here i am. Nice to meet you!
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