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  1. hi, sorry its been awhile! I have fully accepted i am part of the LGBTQ+ community. Thanks for helping me through this. I have already told a few close friends. You have been so much encouragement to me. I hope we talk again someday once i have introduced the new me to my friends and family. Thanks so much! -Moonbli
  2. @Monsoon yeah that's fine, I just thought no one was active anymore on the other place I posted to, sorry!
  3. @Monsoon , yes, i have reflected, and i have been sexually attracted to men, and also to some women. I do think i am bi. I have considered, and thought, "Dating a girl would be really nice, and I want to do it." I also do find myself looking at certain girls differently, Like, "I really like this girl, I wish I could date her." However, when i asked my dad, kind of casually, about how he felt about the LGBTQ+ community, I was very scared when he said he was homophobic. I have a family with very strong Christian beliefs, and my dad says that being attracted to the same sex is a sin. He thinks that it is meant so that a women marries a man and has children together. He said there was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. So yes, I do identify as bisexual, but now I am worried about coming out. I'm considering not coming out for at least a year, until I am certain about everything that is happening. Thanks for your advice. If there's any other support or guidance you could give me, that would be amazing. -Moonbli(hoping I don't get disowned whenever I do come out!)
  4. All my life, I have considered myself to be straight. However, recently I have been questioning. I have begun to think that having a girlfriend would be awesome. Idk if these feelings are all in my head though. Advice? I am a girl btw. I have crushes on boys as well.
  5. I am a middle schooler, and lately I have been questioning my sexuality. I like some women, but I don't know if I am sexually attracted to them. Advice? I don't know if these feelings are ones of respect or of attraction. Pls help
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