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  1. Shane is the bomb Also GamingBolt, Joe Sugg, used to like Logan Paul until, well...
  2. Super simple - each person copies and pastes the sentence from above and adds 1 word to it. For example, person 1: This Person 2: This is Person 3: This is the Person 4: This is the best I'll start.... There
  3. Struggle is real brah. I live in LA and the pressure here is intense
  4. So here's the story, my dad is super tough and whenever I'm emotional around him he just tells me to man up and encourages me to bottle up my emotions and now I find it difficult to cry, even when I'm not in front of him. Does anyone else struggle with crying? Should I even cry idk
  5. Just checking in.... made loads of improvement. found that boxing and skating are good releases for me so thank you
  6. Mine's most likely skating, sometimes soccer but idk
  7. sunnyla


    Welcome Cait
  8. Like in public spaces? What's up with that
  9. Anyone heard the new Fall Out Boy track? SO AWESOME
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