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  1. Hi! Here is the second topic under this title that I'm writing about. So a few months ago I talked on here about my sexuality and about whether I'm Bi, straight, Pan and you know the questioning stuff. And actually after a whole damn year I still don t know my sexuality. So the first thing I wanted to ask on here is what the term Queer means. What is Queer? And actually I think that I still am questioning about the meaning of some other terms as well. Could u explain me bi and pan again? Cause everyone gives those terms another meaning and I m confused. So i thought that being queer could be my label. But first I might wanna know what it means. Than I wanna talk about something I was thinking about a few days ago. And that is: well what if and i kinda don t think it s a what if but what if I was attracted to men romantically and to women sexually?. (i m a girl btw). What does that mean? I have more questions, but I m keeping this post this way. Thank you for helping
  2. hi! I'm feeling pretty confident about the questioning, because after all i am who i am and no one can change that. The hard thing about staying confident is probably that i didn t tell this to anyone. It s still a secret. But for that too i think that there will be the time for to tell it. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate everything you said.
  3. Hi! I don t really know if i would date them, because I've never dated someone in my life but i would obviously want to hang more with them. I guess when it comes to personality, I like people that go through the same thing as me and people who have that same mindset. I like people who like my personality and associate with that too. People who can be sarcastic but funny and smart. I guess I prefer people with the same character and mindset. Attractiveness is another factor wich i just pay attention to when I don t know a person. But then for me it s kinda hard to find that difference between a girl friend and a girlfriend. I guess a time will come where i will know, but yeah.
  4. Hi! So, I feel like at school when I'm talking to someone, even though they might not be attractive, i get this warm feeling or just butterflies ig. And it s the same around girls or boys. But not feelings more like excitement, because of how sweet they are. And when I m home, I often think about it for no reaason. I ve realised tht personality is also a big game changer.
  5. Hi so uhm good question. I feel like I'm a step closer to knowing it, but I also have some doubts wether It's being bi or if it s something else. Like I'm also trying to see if i could be pan. I don't really know what pan is actually. Is it that you re attracted to someone because of their personality? Idk but Ig i m questioning between the two.
  6. Hey! So I'm trying to work on my anxiety and I did print that 'your year in pixels' thingy. It s handy to like see how my days went , so Thank You! I also have a question. Is this always the same person? Like do you answer to everyone alone?
  7. Hi! Happy New Year to you! May this year be better than 2020. Now your question (sorry that I'm answering sooo late, i thought it was posted). This is also hard to answer, but I'll try as much as I can. I mostly think about those feelings and don't say it out loud wich makes it hard to express it in words. I sometimes see a girl and fancy them without noticing if that makes sense. And what I mean by that is that what I think doesn't feel real so I don t think further about it. But yeah it happens. Mostly artists that make e go crazy like kristen stewart such a beauty. I live as a muslim in Belgium and yes same-sex marriage is allowed. I don t know what to say now, but if u have questions for me to answer no problem. Thanks!
  8. Hi! So I'm still new to this so sorry if i post it down here. But how do I delete a post that I didn't fully write?
  9. Hi! Well, yeah no rush for me, but I still want to know it and I even get anxious about it. I know there is nothing to get anxious about. To date? I never had asked this to myself, but it's a difficult question. Can you maybe ask it in a more easy way? I mean idk how to answer at this. I checked the link and it's helpful. But I still am totally weird about it. I also can't really talk about this with family. I grew up as a girl in a muslim family. I would consider our family as a modern family, because my parents and siblings are open about everything, we talk about lots of things in life. My parents have good intentions and opnions about everything well except for same-sex marriage. I think that's what I'm scared for. If one day I will come out as Bi to mmyself. Would I be able to marry a woman, if I loved one?
  10. Thanks! I've downloaded these tips and am defenitely going to use them when I need to. I will try to help myself with what you and this community taught me. This vacation will be about myself and my mental health. I also got my results back of my exams and was SHOCKED. It wasn't that bad after all. I maybe didn't have the grades i could have, but I stay positive about it.
  11. Hi! So a lot of people are struggling with this and so do I. I question my sexuality every single day. And I know it's lame, because ditch the label right. But I still feel like I need to know it. I'm a girl and I'm asking myself alll the time if I'm Bi or not. If I am I would be proud, but am I? Is the question. So yeah, I hear a lot of tips and stuff like that on tik tok, but it just doesn't help me with anything. I also don't know what questions I have to ask myself. Like with girls it's hard to see what the difference is between finding her pretty or attractive. Idk. I just need some reaallyyy useful advise. I asked to my friend that is pan and it was quite a good tip, but I need more to find out ig.
  12. Hi! I'm so sorry. I didn't saw this message, but yes any tips will be useful. Thanks for your help. I don't really have someone I can tell those things to without being laughed at. Once again thank you.
  13. Hi So I have tried a couple of things. This may sound weird, but I tried to talk to myself and remembered myself all the great things I did and will be doing. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. I also ask motivation to my sister, wich I never thought I could. To stay calm I listen to music. Music is like getting out of this world. Sometimes all of this can help, but I have difficulties keeping the same energy after doing it. When I'm in public I can get very anxious and then I'm trying to get away, that really does help. I'm hoping that I will learn to control it. But sometimes I don't know how.
  14. Hi, I totally am new to this community so I don't really know how this works but going back to school? I live in Belgium so from March till August we didn't have schoollessons in class but like at home. I feel like that period of time was a time to think about thing and it was kind of a fase. I learned many things and taught myself a lot of things. I can't really describe my mental state at that moment. I guess it has changed a lot and I' m trying to get to know myself better. So I would say it was like a character development. My feelings are still confused about those months that passed. March was a big thing in my life. That' s where all the questioning started. About how I felt, who I was, my sexuality... I guess I saw that living is hard and that the society always had normalized perfectionism. Those ideals and labels and stuff. It screwed up my brain and it made me think of who I really was. Going back to school in Semptember was a very odd thing. I didn't know how to act. Before this lockdown I tried to be this person that is good at everything and wants to be perfect. In the lockdown I tried to grow out of that fase, but once I came back to school it was like nothing really happened. With studying everything got worse. I always had the best grades in my family, because I study very hard. It is really hard to keep that same energy. I don't want to quit. Gosh it's really hard. I just had an examperiod. Today was the last day. I don't really know what to expect. I still don't know who I am and who I want to become. I ask myself soooooo many questions about life and I get anxious about it. I found also that I have anxiety. I have that inner chest pain that I experience for I think 2 months. Sometimes I can't breath and I try everything. I try to get better, to motivate myself but... Yeah. This is difficult. I think I never answered this detailed. Something I also have been struggling with is that I can't cry. I feel like this is because I've always kept everything to myself.
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