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  1. Why do you need to lie on social medias ? Why do you need to pretend that you have the perfect life ? If we take the example of the video, why are you cheating just for the picture ? You are pretending that you have a perfect moment with friends at the restaurant. You are together, spending a good time. The reality is that you are alone, each one on their phones. I chose this example because we see this kind of pictures every time. Everyone want to fake a perfect life by sharing good moments, even they are not too good than the real life. The real problem is that it can be the start of a long reflexion like " I don't have a life as amazing as that so I'm a looser, I can't be succesful in my life, ... " I think it's very important to talk about that because we can't always see the impact of our actions, we can't see that our little snowball can become a big avalanche !
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