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  1. I was lucky enough to be born with a tall thin body which strangely has the capability of getting muscle mass in ridiculously short amounts of time. They often admire me walking in the street and i should jump to the roof from hapiness for that but through the time i realised something. After asking my very first girl out she rejected me saying that my face is way below average and that not even that "insane" body fixes the situation. After that all my confidence disapeard. I tried to ask my inner circle and family about my face and they all tend to tell me its really good but i had doubts. Used some face rating apps and the results vary from ugly to handsome so I don't know what in the world i am. The more im thinking of this issue the more it drops my confidence but the curiosity is not letting me forget it. How am i supposed to know whether im ugly or handsome when both sides are critical and none tells me im average ;-; It drives me insane
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