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    An LBGTQ+ member, Roman Catholic, candidate to priesthood. I work as a Catechist for my church. If priesthood doesn't work out, I would like to start a Brethren house to help and welcome LGBT kids that are left to themselves and keep teaching the young community about God.
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  1. For now everything my anxieties about school are mostly settled!
  2. One year left of "college" before I can start university! But I'm still unsure of where in headed in university
  3. I will have them for two years. And for school, I think what helps is that I'm almost done! That is a great source of motivation!
  4. They are really friendly! Exclusively guys, which is something I'm not used to but I like it so far
  5. My anxiety is better, or it became num. I still am doing a lot of effort to avoid big crowds at school. I made a few friends! :3 I went to the big Town near me today and all I could do was looking and almost everyone and identifying traits. I can't say why. I just do.
  6. Everything is fine! School is less bad then I thought, I still have my teeth complex. I had my first appointment for my braces yesterday. I should receive a call on Tuesday to schedule a time for my teeth removal it could be happening this week (fingers crossed) and after that I will have my braces in approximately 2-3 weeks tops! My plan for braces is exactly on time!
  7. The swelling is partially gone, and getting better. I should have a first operation to remove a few teeth. Then I'll have the braces, it should be in a minimum of 3 weeks for all that. And a year and a half after I have my braces is when I'll have my jaw surgery. Everything seems daunting but it must happen and it's all for the best!
  8. I'm in my early twenties and I took my cousin who also started in her mid twenties a treatment for her teeth. I hope you'll like your braces as much as you once thought you would! :3
  9. I had to convince myself that the surgery and treatment are not only for aesthetic reasons. I've been having many cavities filled for my braces treatment to start and it's been complicated. I have a tooth that doesn't respond to the anesthesia. So I partially had my tooth drilled while feeling some of it. After 5 anesthesia on the tooth, the dentist managed to finish the job! Also I react badly to the anesthesia and I swell. Currently can't talk right. Braces and the surgery is now daunting but I think of these bad experiences as practice for what's coming!
  10. I tend to recognise people easily afterwards. Which is good I think. But I don't get any satisfaction or dissatisfaction from it.
  11. Now a days my anxieties drain me and I sleep at least one hour once back from school. I didn't notice this before, but because I come back home early in the afternoon most school days, I find myself sleeping on the couch every school day once back from school. Being with people that I know more or less isn't that bad but strangers in the hall is the worse. I'm autistic and I have to find a defining feature of everyone, what kind of clothes they have, bag, hair etc. I can't stop myself. And that is very exhausting!
  12. Yes! This will be my third week of school. I try my best to have some alone time. In my never stopping schedule, I have 1h of Paddleboarding every Friday, usually it is only me and my cousin, but she changed job recently so I mostly do it alone now! Also winter is starting to creep on us so my session will soon have to stop. But I'll change that for swimming in a local pool. It's the only exercise I have managed to keep in my ever changing schedule. When the swimming will start, my cousin won't be following because she apparently doesn't know how to swim. So I do have some time alone. If anything, I changed the set up in my room for me to have a little relaxing nook.
  13. It is only open when school is open, and when the consular is there. She is usually on time, but sometimes a few minutes late. I might ask to take the other office that isn't in use for the moment as a little nook. But for now, that room is okay yes! ^^
  14. I don't remember. Which is sort of scary... I currently want a day just to be alone, but with two jobs and school, it's sort of hard to obtain. There is a room at school explicitly for students that want to relax, and I usually go there. There's only like 3-4 other students there usually
  15. It will be a big change, I'm not in the "will it look better" state of mind yet, I'm in the "I want to stop my teeth from chipping because I can't eat well" state of mind. The orthodontist said it would take up to two years of treatment with conventional braces, which is less long then I thought, and also about 4000$ less than what I was expecting!
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