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  1. Well I think the reason I think I'm ugly is because I'm overweight, but I can't lose weight easily. I also hate my hair. I can't do anything with it that looks good. I have a lot of acne too. I've been called ugly a lot at school. Everyone at school seems prettier than me. As far as features I like, all I can really think of is my eyes. That's basically my only physical feature I get complimented on. People say I have pretty eyes and long eyelashes. I'm also tall though so at least I have that going. As far as personality, at least I'm friendly and sociable. That makes me feel a bit better at least. Thank you. I'll try to work with that.
  2. On an app called Wattpad I have someone regularly posts tons of hateful and homophobic things on their conversation board. They have a hate book called "Worst People on Wattpad" where they trash talk the people they hate and I'm in it. They also trash talk me in their bio. I found their account because they have been spamming my conversation board with f********* and have also said other things such as "**************************" and "**************************". They also reply to every one of my posts with something rude. What do I do?
  3. Stronger Than You right now, but I like listening to rock songs, especially Set It Off. My favorites are N.M.E. and Don't You Dare Forget The Sun (that's me go to song when I'm feeling sad or depressed.).
  4. Ella_Bella


    Hi, my name is Ella and I have always felt really ugly. I searched up "am I ugly" and I found a post about that by you guys saying to join this community. The post didn't make me feel much better, but I thought this community sounded nice a supportive so I decided to join. I hope I can improve through being in this community. Thank you. Ò˜ºï¸�
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