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    hi my name is Sydney. I hope you are all doing fine and that if you need someone to talk to i'm her

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  1. if you don't think your smart enough for your anyone your wrong, because you are even if they don't tell you that. everyone is smart so the advice i will give you is just don't be so hard on yourself because if you don't believe in yourself you will never succeed. when i was in year 6 doing SATs which are the tests i needed to do before i started secondary school. i gave myself a hard time because i had only passed one test, and i felt like i let my dad down. the things to get through are just showing them your actual self, it doesn't matter about what anyone else thinks because what you do and how you do it makes the best version of yourself you will ever be.
  2. one of my worst experience with having a boyfriend was that when we broke up we were still really close friends but then his new girlfriend one of best friends had accused me on kissing him because me and my bestest friend were hanging out with my ex boyfriend.have you had an experience like this if so let me know?
  3. my prime minister Boris Johnson is in hospital with coronavirus but I am looking on the news to make sure that he is getting better and hoping he recovers well
  4. I have but they won't listen, I cant tell anyone else because nobody will listen
  5. my friends haven't spoken to me since my my school ************************** closed so it is hard to talk to someone about how I feel because my friends understand but the people I live with have never understood
  6. i'm feeling but I honestly have no idea why. I guess its because the world is falling apart, but together I think we can all make everyone we know happy and make them forget what is going on.
  7. hi thank you it means so much that you believe in me. it taking me sometime to become famous after the things that have happened to me and my family so Im not too sure. -chicknpeaqueen
  8. I understand where you are coming from because that happened to me and one of my friends in the past weeks but the thing that got us talking again is a bigger and longer explanation about why you want to focus on yourself and your health it might help
  9. in my experiences I was myself and it worked out just fine, until he thought I was cheating on him with his best friend, he only thought that because me and his best friend were really good friends and now we hate each other. and I have no idea why
  10. covid19 is bothering me so much because it's what everyone in my house likes to talk about. my dad and step mum just keep watching the news and it is really annoying because they just say the same thing. is this world threat bothering you at any points during this outbreak.
  11. everyone I know are always going on to me like I know every little detail about you and im like I have secrets that nobody apart from best friends know about me I guess they just hate being wrong. do any of you have this experience please let me know
  12. I have always felt like my life is a curse but the thing that helps me is doing what I love which is dance and listening to music
  13. the song i'm listening to is break up song by Little Mix
  14. i know one or two ways because my dad is disabled and mum was too. one way was to just be yourself and find something to do that will make you forget about it for a moment
  15. there are different reasons to feel messed up one of my reasons was when mum passed away but the thing that got me through it was just listening to music and youtube
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