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  1. Make fun of me, point out my errors while ignoring their own, say i react emotionally when im trying to explain things logically, then emotion comes into it when I feel like they dont listen to me. I have tried those yea.
  2. In a word, terror. Its the overwhelming idea its going to happen again.
  3. If I understand right. you are romantically but not sexually attracted to people?
  4. I've spent a lot of time and effort getting over some of my more severe anxiety problems and im now trying to focus on myself. I am however finding it rather hard having my friends use very negative language towards me any time I try to express my opinion or display emotion, It doesn't help that all of them seem to have rather severe anger issues where they will escalate minor situations into the end of friendship They claim i haven't grown at all as a person and I find this rather insulting given my progress on my deeply ingrained issues and seeming lack of ability to focus on their own. I find it very hard to see myself with any worth when I have failed in every way a person can in what is expected with someone at my age, no job, no partner, no chance of a career and i'm a leech on my Dad.
  5. I've been stuck in this same situation and I honestly don't know what to do.
  6. Do you have any female friends or relatives that you have a good bond with? None. I have very severe flashbacks, not like images but emotion.
  7. I've lost one of my friends to online drama, this had escalated over the last two years. We got into an argument last year and they haven't spoken to me since. Around 2 years ago they started pouring a lot of energy into this online person YouTube that I dont really understand. September last year they went to some sort of anime convention, organised with his followers and it didn't go well as only around 10 showed up. We tried being supportive, but now it seems a little obsessive, the people he has met seem nice, but it's become more and more socially isolating in the real world. Originally we were told it was purely a business, but it seems more and more it's an unhealthy social outlet. Now both I and his other friends feel abandoned.
  8. I've never really had any intimacy in my life besides kissing one girl at 16. When I was 11 years old till about 16 several girls at my school bullied me severely and inappropriately touched me. Now I get panic attacks around women, its affected my ability to find work, make relationships and has severely affected my body image and self esteem. I've never really felt love, whenever I've asked anyone out its always ended in rejection or online relationships that fail and sex has pretty much been off the table. Now I feel at 29 I feel that chance has passed, my friends used to say I'm good looking and funny but I just dont believe them. A decade of trying and I'm just tired.
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