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  1. Also there are these guidelines https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-37601431
  2. I think you need to put it in perspective and think that sometimes people are only showing off and trying to appear cool in front of others. You can report people to sites like Facebook if they are being offensive and should unfriend them or block them. Focus on the nice friendly people and how lovely they are and they will far outweigh the mean ones. Also other people see their behaviour and.might not say anything but will not be impressed by it if you get drawn jnto arguments you look like you are doing something to deserve it. If you don't react people can clearly see who the hater is and won't think it takes 2 to tango and you're partly to blame.. bringing it on yourself.
  3. I have tried to rise above it and be as friendly as I can so hopefully people will make up their own minds. If I get angry about it hey will only say the blog is right and I'm an angry person or deny it and say I'm making it up.
  4. Hi thanks. I havent seen it but have overheard conversations about me where people are saying things about me that happened in a previous job. I havent asked becuase I think only the people writing it would be able to see it and would tell people I was paraniod if I mentioned anything.
  5. I'm worried that people I used to work with in the past have created a mean blog or forum thread about me listing things I've said - or supposedly said and done or exaggerated versions of them - and the people I work with now can see it and some of the nastier ones are adding to it. People are avoiding me and snickering at me.
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