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    Hey everybody, I'm Liam - the founder and CEO of Ditch the Label. I'll pop on here occasionally to say hi! 😁

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  1. I have a scary one! Until the age of around 8, we lived in a house that we thought was haunted. Strange things would happen quite often - like appliances turning on and off by themselves, suddenly feeling really cold in the middle of summer, things going missing etc. One Christmas, I was sat in front of the TV opening my presents and my mum was taking photos on an old analogue camera (that's how old I am ). She had the photos developed and in one of them, there was an old man stood behind me and in front of the TV, pointing at me and smiling. We thought it might have been a glitch with the processing and my mum showed it to our neighbour, she turns to her and goes... 'oh no, that's not a glitch. That's Mr Martin who lived in the house before you' I still think of that house sometimes and wonder if it's still haunted... Mr Martin, what a great guy
  2. When I was younger, I always dreamt that I'd be able to fly. However now it would probably be to either... teleport myself or turn invisible. Undecided
  3. Great question! When I'm not working, I usually like to be as active as possible and do what I feel I need in that moment. A lot of fitness, walking, seeing friends, listening to music, also a huge fan of gaming. Favourite games are probably Fallout, Watch_Dogs, maybe a bit of Call of Duty although it can be pretty intense at times! I personally think it's always important to make time for yourself, self-care and for doing the things you love, especially if you're stressed.
  4. Hi Max, Just wanted to jump on here real quick to say a huge congratulations! A big step and it's great to see your glow up. Liam
  5. Hi Holly! Great to have you here. What was your favourite scene to film and why was it the one with me in the House of Lords? But seriously, if you could choose one - which would it be?
  6. Hi Dywwik, Just wanted to jump on here to say a huge congratulations on doing what you're doing. Using your voice to make your church a safe space for others is such a huge, commendable thing and you should be hugely proud of yourself - that takes a lot of courage and determination. Keep it up and keep using your voice - you are powerful and are creating real change for others. Well done. Liam
  7. Tough question - can I choose 3? If so, PVRIS, Two Feet and... Grimes. Favourite song atm:
  8. Welcome to the community Mia ! My question: if you were President for a day, what 1 thing would you do/change?
  9. Love your piece on normalising label changes, congratulations on the new blog!
  10. So good to read this @halowings. How are things going for you now?
  11. Wow, Mammu - this is fantastic progress. Really sounds like you've levelled up recently. Congratulations, I know how scary a lot of the things on that list are - especially coming out and opening up to a therapist.
  12. Palo Santo - Years & Years. Classic!
  13. There's no option for all of them!
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