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  1. nahh i never see drama here, everyone seems pretty chill and helpful tbh
  2. i would absolutely loooove to be able to fly, imagine how good the views would be! and be able to get anyone is a fun bonus i think
  3. i dont think people ever know who they are, it's just a journey that keeps changing! thats kinda both scary and inspiring i think
  4. i dont know if it is just me, but i hate small talk with other people. maybe it is because i am an introvert (and apparently introverts are never good at it). i know it's polite but still.. does anyone else think the same? it feels like wasted time and probably adds to my anxiety... or do you have any thoughts on what to do instead?
  5. that's a really good idea, thank you @Randomgirl. i'll give that a try!
  6. I do prefer summer because i looove the warm weather(not when it gets too hot though!!) but there is something so nice about a grey day when you can watch TV all day with a nice hot drink
  7. i luv watching rocket league at the moment and think it's a really cool sport, does anyone else enjoy esports? i saw they are goin to introduce it into the olympics which i think is really cool!
  8. my parents like to see what i look at on my phone, sometimes i feel they do it because they want to be involved in my life but it feels like an invasion of my privacy and personal space, does anyone else's parents do this? i can imagine it could be risky for those who are not out to their family or have weird interests that older people dont get...
  9. I absolutely loooove Brandon Sanderson - what book is your favourite!? I think I may have to read the mistborn books a 2nd time
  10. hey both! yeah i thought the same with school, i love music but music in school soooo boring that it actually put me off. what sort of stories do you like writing? i love reading fantasy books like a darker shade of magic and shadow and bone
  11. cloudzs


    hey @StarGazer, i'm so sorry you are feeling this way i kinda knw what you mean about this, over the pandemic i felt very similar as all my friends dropped off and i was left with a silent phone most days. i also didn't have a relationship until my early 20s! it did get better, a lot of years when i was a teenager i struggled to find people who shared similar interests with me, but as i got older this got better. i also used the internet a lot to find those people. i joined communities online around the things i enjoyyed and slowly developed friendships with the people most similar to me, that eventually expanded as i met their friends. it's not the same online as real life but it gave me a way to build up my confidence and at least have some people to talk to every day. i also tried to explore hobbies and create things to release a lot of this emotion which i think was realy helpful! it probs helped me meet friends too because the right people liked what i did i know it's not the same but i promise it does get better, sometimes we don't meet our best friends or the love of our live until we are older. everyones journey is so different. you've got this!
  12. ive got the first weeekend in ages with no plans, so i'm stuck... what should i do!?
  13. How do you deal with trolling on places like insta? what do you think people should do?
  14. wow im a huge fan! what's been your biggest thing youve learnt on your fitness journey so far??
  15. cloudzs


    hi spirit! nice to meet youuu
  16. hi all, i tried googling this but wasn't sure whether it was the truth or not if i report somebody on instagram for being mean to me - do they know that i've reported them? like, does it give them a notification or is it private and anonymous? please let me know i'm worrying now, thank you!
  17. cloudzs

    Fave colour???

    green definitely!
  18. cloudzs


    i think you were like ninjas or something? isn't it based on a tv show?
  19. cloudzs


    I think shinobi got deleted from roblox? I never played it but I heard somewhere its gone
  20. cloudzs


    Omg I love roblox i always play it with my friends! but when I'm playing alone I play the simulation games like theme park tycoon and the tower defence games x Votedd
  21. some times when im bored i go on google maps and just explore the world for 5 mins, then i find something cool and end up learning about it.. im weird but its so interesting
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