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  1. social media has created a idea in everyones minds where if you dont look a certain way then your not good enough or our not pretty enough, social media also taught us to care about what people think about us in a whole different way then just our minds so why? why should we care about any of this? theres more negatives then positives right?
  2. my friends lately have been telling me to get out there and its not like I haven't tried but I just don't feel like its working. Im really into this guy but he won't even give me the time of day and I just feel like my friends have so much going for them and I don't. I don't know what to do
  3. I feel you on this one all of my friends do this crap and they even talk about how they are lonely or aren't pretty enough but somehow can have multiple guys snapchat them and take them out. It makes me feel shitty too. But we shouldn't have to change ourselves to get a guys attention maybe were not looking at the right guys
  4. all of my friends have been encouraging me to finally get out there and do something with a boy but Its not like I haven't tried because I have and I just get denied. I feel like I'm not pretty enough to do what they do every guy I meet seems like they're someway out of my league and it just makes me feel really really shitty. I just want a significant other and all I can do is blame my weight because everyone says they love my personality or how outgoing I am but then theres the way I look. Advice?
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