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  1. Hey Marcus, Really interesting questions. I think the people who bullied me were probably feeling bad about themselves in ways they weren't aware of. I think so much of bullying happens because people aren't conscious of their behaviour. What do you think?
  2. Hey You sound like you know what you need to do and 100% you need to live somewhere you feel safe and happy. Will moving out be hard? Hope you can make it happen.
  3. Hey Marcus16, I agree and well said.
  4. Hey Anna22, This makes me so angry too, why oh why are people so totally narrow-minded. I love mixing up how I dress and hate that we even have 'mens' clothing and 'women's' ??
  5. Hey Anna22, Welcome, I'm bi too. ?? Always here if you need to talk.
  6. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ok. I mean I can have love for people not feeling able to be honest with themselves yet but bringing someone else into that is just not ok. No doubt they would totally hate it if anyone did that to them. You sound cool and obviously have a big heart and deserve so so so so so much better.
  7. Hey OMG I love your honesty and wanted to send you a virtual hug. Feeling a bit crazy is the worst and I so get it about being Bi and alone. Have you come out to any family yet?
  8. Yes really badly, my first year sucked because of these girls I lived within halls, looking back I really wish I had said or done something as then maybe I could have a better year overall. I just waited it out really and made my own friends.
  9. Hey I recently made myself put down my phone about an hour before bed and not check it when in bed, I know it sounds small but it really did make a difference to me. Hope your sleeping better.
  10. Hey Bea, I have been slut-shamed and it drives me mad that people do it the whole time to one another, the worst is when women do it to each other like we don't have enough problems. So cool you are here, thank you for starting this thread. ??
  11. yeah, I did for ages but then my skin cleared up I guess on its own. That sucks that's what they are saying really rude and stupid of them. Have you told anyone yet? One thing that really helped my best friend was roaccutane, it needs to be prescribed by a doctor and isn't for everyone so maybe do some research on it too. Hope it gets better soon.
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