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  1. Thank you everyone for submitting your questions I can't wait to do more of these in the future! bye guys xxxx
  2. yes ill be watching! I'm not the biggest fan of sports but I don't mind big tournaments like euros or world cup x
  3. Hey! I think it has to be getting into the fitness industry and being able to educate my followers on all of the dangerous expensive fads there are out there x
  4. hey! so sorry to hear that I've certainly struggled with these things in the past and I think it would be beneficial to speak to a doctor about you concerns. setting boundaries with your family members will be helpful let me give you an example " I don't find comments about my weight helpful and id appreciate if you stopped bringing it up" I think speaking with a professional is the best bet sometimes family members struggle to understand and lack empathy which can make you feel worse x
  5. hey! I 100% think communication is key to any successful relationship. trying to put yourself in the other person shoes and also accepting when you're wrong is a really important. we never argue in 4 years we've had 2/3 arguments and I believe our strong communication skills and boundaries are to thank for that x
  6. hahah its actually guns and roses and it has the lyrics "because everybody dies but not everybody lives" LOL cringing as I write that please allow my 18 year old gangsta self haha x
  7. I completed my precision nutrition coaching course during lockdown it took me around 6 weeks to complete but I was doing it pretty much full time 5 days a week x
  8. from someone who spent her entire teens and half of her 20s desperate to be skinny and pretty, honestly it just gets easier as you get older. when you know what you bring to the table aside from your outer appearance you can then really start to work out who you are as a person. what I've come to realise is you can be the prettiest girl in the room but if you aren't a good person you won't be attractive to others. being a good person and having a beautiful soul is what radiates though. id much rather someone tell me I have a beautiful soul than a pretty face x
  9. I honestly just live in gym wear so I don't think people would care too much about what I was wearing unfortunately haha! x
  10. hey! so its weird I don't class myself as famous. I guess I'm recognised etc but I wouldn't say famous. its a very strange feeling being recognised though its not something I think ill ever get used to! even ten years on I'm still baffled when people know who I am lol! x
  11. no it isn't. nobody should be in a deficit whilst breastfeeding as the baby needs nutrients x
  12. yeah if you love running then fab! personally I can't run so I choose to do a mix of hiit sessions and weights. it depends on your goal x
  13. hahahah! House of Lords was fabulous although I was very nervous LOL! I think it would have to be Mexico series 3 we were so young living our best life riding a little yellow boat in the Mexican ocean it was so fun x
  14. thankfully I don't get many trolls now but the best thing to do is block and not respond. these people want attention and trolls are just projecting their insecurities onto someone else so they can feel better about themselves x
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