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    Hey @Elise it can be really useful to rule out other potential causes when figuring this out such as, do you have any stressful or difficult situations going on in your life? On a scale of 1 - 10, how much impact would you say it is having for you in class, at home and when hanging out with your friends?
  2. Hey @Molocha Welcome to our community and we're glad you found us!!! Thanks so much for sharing as this can be a really hard thing to do. I love the step by step approach as it breaks things down so you're not dealing with the entire issue all at once, but the end goal is still there. How do you feel now that you have taken this step?
  3. Hey, we know how horrible it can be to feel this way. Do you still have those feelings of suicide? Do you have a plan at all? We care about you and want to ensure that you are safe and have support around you in case you need it so do please let us know. Meanwhile I have included some emergency advice if you need it. UK: The Samaritans - 116 123 (This is a 24/7 service) USA: NSPL - 1-800-273-8255 (This is a 24/7 service) This link will give you a list of all crisis lines worldwide: https://www.befrienders.org
  4. @LegendScarred Hey, we know how horrible it can be to feel this way. I want to ask you, do you still have those feelings of suicide? Do you have a plan at all? We care about you and want to ensure that you are safe and have support around you in case you need it so do please let us know. Meanwhile I have included some emergency advice if you need it. UK: The Samaritans - 116 123 (This is a 24/7 service) USA: NSPL - 1-800-273-8255 (This is a 24/7 service) This link will give you a list of all crisis lines worldwide: https://www.befrienders.org
  5. Hey! Thanks so much for sharing that with us.
  6. Hi Chelsie, it's great to hear how understanding you are as a partner and from my perspective it's something that I've heard a lot. Often partners don't want to 'burden' us with their problems and will seek support elsewhere so they can still be the best partner to you. It's actually pretty healthy (just as it would be if they were seeking say, counselling / therapy) to do this but if you feel a little left out by it you could try explaining that you would like them to share some things with you. Getting the balance right in a relationship can take time and practice and it may be that he just needs to hear that you're okay with talking about it sometimes. How does that sound?
  7. Hey! Thanks for sharing and your post clearly highlights all of your concerns. From my perspective I have to say that I agree with your husband in that your friendship isn't reciprocated and it feels very one-sided. You have every right to have your friendship both appreciated and respected and to be treated equally. I'm wondering if Cindy has fallen into the habit of venting to you and actually see the dynamic very differently, rather than just being intentionally clumsy with your feelings. The thing with other people that can be tricky to navigate is we have zero control over their actions and behaviour but we CAN control our responses and reactions. What is it that you love about the friendship? I wonder if you would be better served by letting this one naturally fade and start building connections with people who will reciprocate as you completely deserve.
  8. Hey Mica, I'm glad you shared with us as this sounds like a scary and horrible situation to have been in - I'm going to separately email you now.
  9. @HoosierDaddy So glad it helped - keep us posted!
  10. @Techy-Nature Hi! Really glad to have you back after that break. Feel free to write anything here and we can kind of sense check it for you if you would like. Apologies that we mis gendered Deanna too - we'll definitely keep it gender neutral from here. One thing thats jumping out to me is the lack of support for you through all this. I know life is often complicated but you seem to be taking on a huge amount of responsibility for everyone. Do you have any close family friends / relatives that could help out and ease the pressure a bit? There may be local authority help that you can get, even if for a few hours a week so you can get a much needed break too.
  11. One way would be to ask if she's single. But the wider picture may be tricky due to how far apart you both are. You could also try face timing / skyping to see f there's a chemistry before revealing how you feel.
  12. @Anonymous3831 That's an interesting point with the computer. To super simplify it, I wonder if it needs 'practice' to get in touch with emotions. I know that psychotherapy and CBT have a lot of success with this, plus they are able to offer a safe place to do this so it's measured and you don't suddenly, for example, unleash a torrent of emotions that you are not ready for. A small way to start could be to practice opening up to people that you trust about an issue that you might need support on and see how that feels. I know that regular physical activity and plenty of rest can help to minimise any stress which should facilitate this. I know that a lot of people also practice mindfulness and meditation to start to get in touch with feelings and emotions. Do you think you could try some of these?
  13. @Marv this is tough for so many people and I was having this exact convo this morning. If everyone remained calm and shopped / purchased normally it would make a massive difference. I understand how this would aggravate your tourettes as often extreme emotions (happy or sad) can really play havoc with this. Did you manage to let it out once you were alone?
  14. @Anonymous3831 Hey, firstly, usually the best thing to do if someone is talking to you about their problems is to listen and allow them to vent. Ask pertinent questions and acknowledge what they are saying but often people just want an ear and to vent and are not necessarily looking for solutions. This can be hard of you are a natural 'problem solver' but your calm manner may actually be really soothing. Looking at the bigger picture, feeling numb or disconnected in this way can (but not always) be a sign of underlying issues like depression, stress or anxiety. From my own personal experience, after a particularly traumatic incident, it left me with a form of PTSD and this triggered the numbness. It takes work to move through it and for me, this was regular sessions a counsellor / therapist and talking it all the way through and unpicking everything. Is your GP understanding? They might be a good place to start.
  15. @sarasaw I'm SO pleased to hear that! We are always here if you need us
  16. @Saraa_ Hi, I know how much this hurts but when people are angry they usually yell something that will hurt the most. Siblings, even though they love each other, can say the meanest things and they know what makes us feel vulnerable. It doesn't make it right as that hurts a lot but it also doesn't make it true. You ARE beautiful.
  17. Hey Addison and welcome to community! I guess it's important to find out - did you already have any concerns before this was raised with you by your friend? I'm not aware of any programs that do this as generally they change one or the other or the change is say, adding bunny ears. Could you bring up using FaceTime with her if only briefly? If she is able to send videos then this would be possible. If this isn't possible, maybe your concerns are linked to how this relationship will evolve and move forward? Of course long distance relationships can be successful but ordinarily, there comes a point where there is a move to speak in person or to meet. What do you think?
  18. @Marv WOW!!!!! This is completely amazing - I'm high-fiving you from here! What a huge step this is! Oliver sounds like a great person too Keep us updated.....
  19. @Marv If you do decide to open up, I always find having a few points written down is a huge help just in case you go bank when you are in there. Some GP surgeries will let you book a double appointment (i.e. 20 mins rather than 10). At the start open up about why you came and then follow up with any points you have noted down so right from the start the doc knows why you are there. It's also useful to know what you would like to get from the appointment so they know what you need. So to summarise (and these are just examples): 1) "I'm here because I want to talk to you about my Tourettes..." 2) Raise follow up points you want to get across / explain 3) "What I would really like is..." Hopefully this helps!
  20. @Marv Hey! That's what we're here for! I think your idea about seeing the student support sounds like a good shout - it's a good first step to talking to a mentor and building trust so you know you can access them if and when you need it. This removes the immediate pressure of seeing a doctor if you're not ready. Stress has such an huge impact on our physical health too so it will definitely help with this.
  21. @Marv Hey, it's a big step considering previous experience and your reluctance to take medication but it could be that you're offered a different kind of support so always worth considering. Even if you do decide to do nothing now, a trip to the docs doesn't mean you have to go ahead with anything right now and you could check out your options. Usually best to make an appointment first so you're not waiting a super long time. Whether you decide to go or not you will not be disappointing anyone as this is your journey and decision. That you are considering discussing it is already a big step!
  22. @Marv I've lost count of the nights I've been out and it seems out of nowhere drama ensues... I tend to be the one that ends up trying to keep everyone happy while someone is in the toilet crying, someone else is getting back with an ex, someone else is arguing about something - it's exhausting! I think it's good to have a fun night out but other times to go out 1:1 or in smaller groups which don't get so chaotic. Maybe suggest to Oliver that you have a drink - just the 2 of you? Then you can chat without all the distractions. Also, when we truly bare our souls to people it's both a relief and utterly terrifying! It's a very specific kind of vulnerable to open up to someone in this way and takes guts to do as it feels like a huge risk. Oliver sounds pretty cool though so def consider seeing him 1:1 so you can properly talk.
  23. @Tiogair Hey and welcome! For some people attractions can be pretty fluid over our lifetime. I would definitely being open to going on a date with a female to see if there is a spark. You don't have to have a firm label on your sexuality so take your time with the journey.
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