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  1. Hey @JustArden Hope you don't mind me jumping in - I'm Blondie, one of the support mentors. 🙂 

    Self-acceptance really is key but of course that doesn't automatically make it easy (I wish it did)! I know it can feel a bit cliche to write down but what are the things you really like about yourself? Literally could be anything from the colour of your eyes to how great you are at being a good listener to art skills. We are all pretty much guilty of happily listing the things we dislike about ourselves that we rarely give any thought to the masses of good stuff.

    Can you give me 4-6 things that you actively like about yourself? 


  2. Hey @zedxdxd 

    Thank you for sharing and I'm so sorry that you have had to deal with this as it sounds really difficult - you and no one else going through similar deserves this. Before you chat further with us, I get the sense that you're safe right now and don't have any plans to end your life - is that correct? Please say if I am wrong and it's completely fine to say so - we just want to ensure you are safe as a priority.  


  3. Hey @Sweddle thank you so much for sharing how you are feeling. You matter to us and I'm sure so many others - can I ask, do you have a plan to take your life? Try and remember that feelings can and do change and there is help available. If things get too much please do use the crisis resources below:


     Please do let us know so we know you are safe and we can start to support you through this.


  4. Hi @ozzy , I'm so sorry this has happened to you. It is a complete violation of your trust and privacy and I can completely understand how upsetting this must be.

    This is illegal in many countries across the world but I'm going to send you a private message to ask you some more information so we can help you better. I will also delete the same question posted in the welcome section.

    Please check your  messages shortly.  



    Have things always been difficult with your family relationships or is this a fairly new thing? is there anyone in your family (including extended family) that you get on with pretty well and can talk to easily?


    Thank you for letting me know. And thank you for being so honest. It sounds like everything has become overwhelming right now so it can sometimes be useful to look at working through individual issues rather than feel it all has to be tackled at once. Does that make sense?

    What would you say is the biggest contributing issue to how you are feeling? For example: school or the relationship with your family?


    Hi @Cherophobic 

    I’m one of the Digital Support Mentors here at Ditch the Label. Firstly,  I’m really sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way but I'm really glad that you've opened up to us. You deserve help to get through this and we are here for you. I have sent you a separate email but can I ask, do you have a plan to take your own life? Please know that this feeling can pass and things can get better, but it might be hard for you to see that right now.

    We care about you and it's useful to have these numbers /details below to hand. 


    UK - The Samaritans: 116 123 (24/7 service)

    USA - NSPL: 1-800-273-8255

    A list of worldwide crisis lines: https://www.befrienders.org

    An app I can recommend: https://www.prevent-suicide.org.uk/find-help-now/stay-alive-app/ this has safety plans to make sure you don't harm yourself and you might find it useful. 

    Can you let us know that you are safe, please? Once we know this, we can then give you more support to help you through this.


  8. 8 minutes ago, Michelle Elman said:

    Hey there! How I started gaining confidence in my body was actually to stop caring about my appearance anymore and to stop thinking about it at all. I stopped vocalising the negative thoughts about my body and because I stopped saying it aloud, the amount of time and energy I spent on those thoughts decreased. When you spend less time and energy thinking about your body, you also spend less time criticising it and as a result, I used that extra time and energy I had in my life to create a life I loved and realised I was so much more than a body or what I looked like. If you want to know my full body confidence journey, you can watch my TedX talk here: 

    Thanks so much for sharing Michelle! 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Michelle Elman said:

    I know it can be hard to set boundaries with people who are older, especially if they have grown up with the "respect your elders" mentality but I believe respect is earned and just because they are family doesn't meant they are owed a place in your life. You do not. have to accept worse treatment just because 'that's the way they have always been' and whilst we might not be able to change their behaviour, we can limit their impact on us. M xx

    This is such a good point to remember. 

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  10. I love how you got to that name and completely agree, it's very androgynous and also a little unusual which I like. 

    We get a lot of foxes where I live and they're often really noisy at night haha. Pictures of cats are always welcome 🙂 (as long as they won't identify you in any way!)

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  11. Heyyyyyy @Foggy_the_enby and a huge welcome!!! We're so glad you found us.

    I really love the name Kadey - what is it that attracted you to that name? I love animals too - my favourite are horses. Do you have any pets?

    We're here for you! 🙂 

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  12. Hi @talla Thank you for reaching out - it's really brave to share when you are feeling so low.

    Our priority is your safety - can I ask if you have any plans to harm yourself? Are you safe right now?

    This number below is for any crisis situations:

    It must feel very scary how you are feeling right now but we are here to help you through and we can take it step by step. 

    Do you have anyone around you that you do trust with this, whether that's a friend or a doctor or a therapist?

    I want to reassure you that we hear what you are saying and understand how overwhelming this is - we just want to ensure your safety.




  13. 9 hours ago, Saphira said:

    Every one noticed and laughed thankfully it’s not a major airport and there was only 20 people and I did not have to go anywhere ( just there to great family) but I was so embarrassed that when I got home I just held one of my pet rats and half cried half laughed

    I hate when this happens! You start pretending you're completely fine even if you've actually hurt yourself  😆

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