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  1. That sounds great! I personally find that when things are going well and I'm feeling okay I like to take note of what I'm doing so I can remember this when I'm not feeling so great. So, if for example when I'm feeling good I've been seeing friends or going swimming I try to put those in place when things aren't feeling good.
  2. Let us be one of the voices reassuring you that you and your identity are completely valid. Although sometimes logic will tell us we shouldn't let this affect us but of course, we're human and these things really can be upsetting. Sometimes it's goo to remind ourselves how great we actually are - what sort of things do you like about yourself? It could be anything at all like the colour of your eyes, how funny you are to how good you are at something!
  3. Hi Jess, I know it's horrible but yes, it can be normal for our wellbeing / mental health to go through periods of being better and worse. We react to all sorts of things in our lives (like you mentioned about the arguments) and these can impact how we feel. Sometimes it can happen even if we can't connect it to anything in particular. It can seem, like you say, that everyone else is happy and bubbly but honestly, so many people feel the same but it isn't always possible to see it and/or that may not show this to others. It can also take practice to open up and talk about your feelings and no 2 people are the same in how they react to feeling low - what I mean is, there is no one way that we 'should' feel or get through it. However you are feeling is completely valid. With opening up, I would make it a simple as you can and say something like "I'm not feeling great right now - I find it hard to talk about but I need some help." How does that sound?
  4. Hey @Lillyrose4 Just to let you know I've messaged you directly.
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    chit chat

    Hey there, you're right - this can really throw out how you're feeling. You may have already done this but have you tried setting alarms on your phone?
  6. That sounds great! Was it part of a lesson or studies?
  7. Blondie


    Hi there, Just jumping in to share these tips with you: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/how-to-look-after-mental-health/ Plus we have an entire hub full of useful mental health resources here: https://www.ditchthelabel.org/mental-health-support-hub/ Let us know what you think.
  8. Thanks so much for clarifying and I'm glad to hear that. One of our support mentors will pick this up soon and respond more fully.
  9. This post has been flagged with warnings, as follows: Suicide
  10. I would carefully ask her as it could be that she was mentioning boys to hint about her feelings and that she may not be ready for anything too heavy. It sounds like she trusts you so a careful conversation might clear things up for both of you so you know where you stand.
  11. Ah, okay I understand. Even so, I'm wondering whether changing yourself just to try and attract someone would be the best thing to do as ultimately you wouldn't be being yourself. It seems like a lot to give up and might be a lot of pressure to try and maintain.
  12. Hey @Ellie-may Feelings like these are incredibly powerful and exciting! So many people find that they are pivotal parts of our lives that they will always remember as quite defining, regardless if anything happens in the future or not with this friend. Even if nothing ever happens again between you outside of friendship, it doesn't in any way invalidate your experience or her's. What are your plans for seeing her? I would suggest trying to keep it light and casual (unless it's obvious that you both want more) - what do you think?
  13. Hey @Ellie-may I'm not sure there's a definitive way to not look straight as everyone is so very different. The LGBTQIA+ community is incredibly diverse in how people express their sexuality and/or gender. Can I ask if there a reason why this may be bothering you?
  14. Remember - we're here for you!
  15. This sounds like a plan! I know it can be a bit cheesy but trying to enjoy the moment is a skill that takes practise!
  16. Oh, the movie and learning Japanese sound amazing! I would suggest trying not to put pressure on yourself - allow your sexuality to develop in your on time and space, always thinking about who you are and not what other people may or may not want you to be. Maybe try and not look at the entire picture of your life and somehow try and 'solve' everything in one go, rather just work your way through at your own pace. This will give you the best chance of finding your true self. But always leave yourself space to change and grow and try to shift from thinking that you need to make a final decision. How does that sound?
  17. Blondie


    What are you up to this week?
  18. Blondie


    Oh basketball is cool! I really like watching that as it's so exciting and fast moving, especially when the games stops with just a few seconds running down on the clock.
  19. Blondie


    That's fantastic and sounds so lovely! What's your favourite subject at school and what are you best at, at school?
  20. Blondie


    That's a really good start - I would think that not being negative about yourself would be first? Then you are more likely to make friends if you are feeling better about yourself. As a starting point - tell me one thing you really like about yourself. It can be anything at all. Eye colour, handwriting, sport skills, being a good listener...anything. And why do you like that thing about yourself? I know it can feel uncomfortable thinking about the positive stuff as we're usually brilliant with negative things but to challenge this way of thinking and feel better it's just the start.
  21. Blondie


    I can assure you that you are not a bother to anyone and we care very much about how you are doing. if you could make one immediate and positive change in your life - what would it be?
  22. Let us know how you get on - we're here for you when you need us.
  23. I would then for sure, trust your instincts and try not to worry (I know that's easier said than done!) Even in relationships people go through periods of not feeling attraction and will ensure they remain close on other ways. It doesn't have to mean anything bad, it's just a part of their life at that time. For some people, if this continues for a long time they may identify as Asexual. (A sexual orientation generally characterised by not feeling sexual attraction or desire for partnered sexuality. Although some people who are asexual do have sex). How does this sound?
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