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  1. is it worth it? i kinda want it for the new Stray game tbh, I mean who wouldn't want to be a stray cat? XD
  2. heyyy, just wanted to say hi and welcome! ^^
  3. Yessss!! Welcome XD I think you’ll like it here ^^
  4. jake

    Chat mega thread

    My vibe over the weekend loooll
  5. jake

    Chat mega thread

    I just did!! First chapter is really good XD
  6. Maybe add how to guides on creating threads/replies/quotes for new users/
  7. You have such good writing
  8. jake

    Chat mega thread

    Happy 4th July! I'm so boreeeeeedddd
  9. jake

    Chat mega thread

    Hi everyone XD Seen this done on other forums and think it’s really cool. Just a general chat thread. How are you?
  10. hiiii. ok my question, what is it like being in the public eye and what do you enjoy most about your job?
  11. Like 1000 but only bc i posted a tutorial on yt and it got like 400k views lol
  12. hey XD yeah people bump threads all the time, it's not really a big deal. in terms of active, it's relatively active yeah, definitely getting busier atm
  13. OMG HI XD Ok... my question is.. what are people most surprised about when they meet you in person?
  15. omg im rockstar status already XD
  16. jake


    Hey Lostgirl!! nice to meet you. you're so right about feeling anonymous and free here, i've been coming to DTL for a few years on and off and it's helped me so much
  17. like i don't even mean to but i just find it SO triggering atm when someone coughs in a public space, especially if it's indoors. anyone else?
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